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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ruger exposes itself....LCRx


Ruger recently announced that it would be releasing its popular polymer small framed revolver, the LCR, with an exposed hammer and will call it the LCRx ("x" as in exposed and not extreme I assume!).  Personally, I don't get it.  The entire LC? line was marketed around dedicated use of the weapon for CCW.  All of them have incorporated long, double action trigger pulls as a safety precaution to carrying in ones pocket.   I have owned most of them at one time or another and they are all fine pistols.  Matter of fact the LCR in .38+P is my go to daily carry these days and I have no complaint.

But this one, I don't get.

The LCR was designed from the ground up for CCW applications.  This we know.  The polymer chasis was designed to keep the weight low and allow for easy of carry and also provided and easy way to include a "melted" finish to keep it as "snag free" as possible.   The exposed hammer kind of defeats the purpose of this handgun as designed in 2 ways as I see it:

  1. First, the exposed hammer presents an obstacle to work around for drawing the weapon from any type of concealment holster without a snag.  This has been a issue with snubbies for years and was the reason the concealed hammer was included on them in the first place.
  2. Secondly, and in my mind most importantly, the single action mode can help introduce bad habits in your training with this weapon.  The double action trigger on the LCR is very polished and smooth right out of the box due mostly to a unique cam action that Ruger patented for its use.  It makes shooting this weapon as a DAO revolver very easy...as it was intended to be.  In the "heat of battle" when you most likely will have to use a pistol like this, you won't be (or want to be) taking the extra time to manually cock the action to shoot.  In fact, smooth, double action shooting is what you should be training with on a pistol like this.

I would even go a step farther and fathom to say that legally this might also be a bad move.  There has been more than one suspect shot in custody while a weapon was cocked on single action and under the control of an excited and agitated trigger finger.  Somebody threatens you with a knife, you pull your LCRx out, they fall to the floor crying for mercy, you cock the weapon an point it at them and without realizing it....BANG!...thank you very light trigger!  Next thing you know a Pandora's Box of legal trouble is headed your way.

If you want a revolver to target shoot the center out of playing cards at 100 yards there are much better choices.  An all metal gun with target sights and a 6" barrel would be a more logical choice than this.

Sorry Ruger, this one I will pass on....meanwhile I am still happy as hell with what you have given me in the LCR itself.  Sometimes because you can doesn't mean you should.