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"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tales from the Buckeye State....

As you probably know, I am an Ohioan, not by birth but by location.  We are an eclectic state to say the least.   We have been one of those battleground states people get sick of hearing about every 4 years during presidential elections.  We hold our football coaches to higher standards than our politicians.  We have Appalachian coal miners, farmers, auto workers, insurance companies, health care and pharmaceutical businesses and every other conceivable enterprise under the sun going on here...even wine making.   Speaking of auto workers we have the union factories of GM and Ford as well as non-union Honda and other companies. We have one of the longest freshwater beaches in the country, mountains, glacial plains and river valleys.  People from the Northwest and South-eastern corners of the state would think they were on an alien planet if they every visited each others home. 

We are constantly being reminded of our past history of being heavily invested in manufacturing jobs that no longer exist here, our heavy union presence and sluggish economy married up to a perpetual welfare state.  Yet, we have some of the biggest and most innovated business ventures located here.  We have some of the most elite students attending our colleges here, yet have high school graduation rates that are appalling to even some third would countries in many of our school systems. 

We are the home of Wright-Patterson AFB, Camp Perry and the NRA national matches as well as the CMP North store.  Heck we even have a firearm company or two in this state....Hi-Point being the most recognized.  Unfortunately we also have some of the most anti-gun voices in the country here also....

Yeah, we are a kind of wacky, messed up mishmap of a mess here....

It's no surprise then that the following stories have recently come out of my Buckeye state.... (click on each bold title below to link to the related story)

#1 CCW Class instructor shoots student

OK, so when you're shopping for a class to get certified for a CCW permit here in Ohio you thought process goes something like this..."OK...certified training staff...check...  Adequate classroom and range facilites...check   All inclusive class fee that provides handgun, ammunition and lunch/snacks....check   Instructor has not shot his students..... che....WHAT THE HELL!!!!"

There is no conceivable reason why this should have happened.  At least 3 of the 4 cardinal rules of gun safety had to have been violated here.  Apparently (from info not in the linked article) the instructor was demonstrating that a revolver could be fired from a pocket when this happened.  I am assuming here based on conjecture and other info I have heard/read...that this was his personal CCW weapon in his pocket he mistook for a training pistol and used in his demonstration.

Ohio (and many other state I am sure) is awash in folks willing to take your money to give you a CCW class.  I myself considered teaching it for a while' but something I couldn't get over was the fact that the ORC (Ohio Revised Code) that governs the licensing process never really gives you a good idea of what the credentials should be for an instructor or what the cirriculum should consist of other than a certain number of range hours.  I know (because I have met some of them) there are guys out there teaching CCW classes that, personally, I wouldn't trust to be in the same room with me armed with airsoft guns.  Getting your NRA pistol certification and having a bean field to shoot into does not make you a good trainer.  This guy was teaching at an actual firearm center and had years of experience and still made this major screw up occur.  What will that guy with the one crazy eye in the white van parked down by the river do when you go to his class at his cousin Bobo's farm? 

I am NOT saying individual trainers or private training at non-traditional locations are universally to be avoided.  On the contrary, if you know what you are looking for you can find some great individualized and personalized instruction from these private instructors.  But, it is a buyers market for this type of activity, if you feel the least bit uneasy or questioning an individuals ability or qualification to instruct you, don't hesitate to bump and run to your next option. 

Oh yeah, about the instructor above...and again not in the article...it came out a week or so after the initial story broke that he had shot another individual indirectly 30 some years ago after firing a weapon at a Halloween party to create a "spooky atmosphere"...yeah, getting shot is pretty damn spooky...and terrifying.  The country prosecutor is now re-reviewing the circumstances of this latest shooting.

#2 Ohio man buys gun safe...gets it delivered...with $420K of pot in it!

So, a guy in Shelby, Ohio buys a champion safe from The Sportsmens Den and has it delivered to his house.  Upon opening it he finds 300 pounds of marijuana in it.  This actually makes sense if you consider where the safe comes from....Mexico. 

Ah, Mexico...the land that when foreigners look at the violence in the US they say..."yeah, its bad in America....but at least they aren't Mexico!".  Drug cartels have ripped apart this once amiable Southern neighbor of the US nad have corrupted not only the government but many private entities and individuals as well.   A safe would be a great way to smuggle drugs into the US because...well...its a safe!  Don't want people snooping through stuff to find your pot...stick it in a big metal box with a lock designed against unwanted entry. 
Yes, I know Cheech Marin has worked hard at getting passed his stoner personality from his early days....but he is still an icon in the stoner culture, he's Mexican and he has a gun in this picture...so it fits....Loved you in Tin Cup Cheech!

The thing I don't like is that the guy that ordered it must of offered up that he had 24 long guns and 12 shot guns to put in it.  Why offer up info like that to the public if you don't have to?  The safe itself sounds like a big one at 1000 pounds, although the inclusion of 300 extra pounds of weed seems like it should of been noticed by somebody along the way.....

No word on the missing driver yet.....

#3 Why aren't there more crazy people in Cleveland?

Your average liberal voter from the Communist Peoples Republic of Cuyahoga...

According to the above article, there area shockingly few number of people being treated for mental illness and being reported to the state in accordance with our 2004 CCW law as required.  Cuyahoga country (er, county but they think that they are their own sovereign state up there) - you know it as Cleveland - is not alone in this possible oversight, as some counties with populations of hundreds of thousands are only reporting a few cases while other with population much smaller have much higher reporting numbers.

Seems to me a city awash in idiot left wingers that constantly vote in left wing mayors, commissioners and other representatives - all the while with no economic improvement save to get more government money allocated to their coffers - would be a natural place for mental illness to be ripe.  These people voted and constantly support uber liberal Dennis Kusinich...the man that flat lined Cleveland's municipal bond rating while mayor.

And yes, I am quoting a San Francisco news source...that is reprinting an AP story.  Why? Because San Fran is a messed up liberal mecca with a big anti-gun voice and movement out there...if they notice this, well, we need to clean up our own back yard before outside forces do it at a national level with the BS politics going on today.   San Francisco...where illegal aliens get sanctuary status and benefits but not homeless Americans....but man, what a view!

If only Dirty Harry was real....

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