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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

EDC and me...

It seems I can't go a week without coming across another article or post online about somebody's EDC (everyday carry) gear....that stuff that they have with them at all times in case of an emergency or Chinese paratroopers drop from the sky or something.  Most peoples gear is centered around some type of weapon, usually a handgun and knives, tool and the like.  Some folks go to great lengths to utilize tactical purses and the like to carry and organize their gear and some go as far as to have a secondary EDC gear pouch in their primary gear pouch.

Me? I'm not quite so heavy with my EDC.....

Like many of you, I spend the majority of my days away from home at my place of employment. I take into consideration that I work in an organization that is very much a no carry locale, the type of clothing I normally wear during most of my day is business casual (khaki slack and a polo or button down shirt) and that my transportation to and from this place is in my (well stocked and with a "go bag") truck.  This lends me to have a more Spartan EDC loadout than many would otherwise go for, and some of it is carried in either my jackets or a case I use to carry my iPad to and from work in.

Generally, and this will sound weird coming from a firearm related blog, my EDC is NOT centred around my weapon.  Its actually centred around my phone. 

  • Phone. Its the means in which I communicate with my most important and valuable things in my life, my family. I want to be sure that, in an emergency, that I would be able to at least make some type of contact with my wife and or parents and siblings to coordinate some type of plan. In addition, like many Americans, my phone has become an extension of myself and the means in which I keep abreast of current events and news, communicate via email, text and social media and also do various other things. 
  • Wallet.  After my phone my secondary consideration would be my wallet, in my case, a front pocket clip with card holders.  Its how I carry items (money, debit card) to pay for the things in my life and also carry the card that legally allows me to carry the 3rd piece of my EDC in my state, my weapon.
  • Weapon.  OK, now to what is usually the primary focus of most gun blogs on this subject, the gun.  In my case its usually my .38+P Ruger LCR or LCP in .380.  I am planning to start working my G26 into the rotation, but currently I am only usually packing one or the other of these.  With either I carry a speed strip (LCR) or a spare mag (LCP).
  • Light. I normally carry a small AAA flashlight by Countycomm, it has both a uber bright and normal bright mode, weighs less than an ounce and generally is so small I have to keep from forgetting where I put it.  Since neither of my CCW weapons accepts a light, I think having this is kind of important and also has a good general utility usefulness. 
  • Knife. A lot of people include a "battle blade" in their EDC.  I don't.  Sometimes I will carry a decent size folder, but truth be known, I would totally suck at knife fighting.  Therefore I will generally include some type of blade for utility purposes as part of "Swiss Army" knife or as part of a....
  • Multitool. I would prefer to carry a multitool that includes a blade general purpose work as well as a set of pliers and a screwdriver.  You will find all sort of uses for one when you DON'T have it on you, trust me. 
  • Other Items. I will often carry one of those small first aid kits sold at the store that have a few bandaids and some antiseptic cream in them.  Also I will occasionally carry some meds in the form of some motrin or similar as well as rolaids or something else for an upset stomach.  Generally these items will not be normally on my but in some type of bag I may have on me.
Here is a typical (at least today) EDC setup for me.  It may not work for everybody, but it works for me...

Ruger LCR in an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, speed strip with 6 rounds, Samsung Galaxy S4, Countycomm AAA light, original Leatherman tool and my money clip with my fortune displayed...
I guess Ideally I would like to come up with some type of EDC carry config that consists of items in some type of leather pouch - maybe an old phone case - on my belt that I could have with me at all times without putting bulk in my pockets or drawing any attention from others.

Something to work on in my idle time at home.....

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