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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The end of the ammo shortage and beginning of the new normal

Went to my local Cabela's last night, other than .22, 9mm and .38spl, e shelves were fairly well stocked with both rifle and pistol center fire ammo...

I have been able to buy ammo at LGS shops for a while and also at some local big box retailers lately as well. I have gotten similar reports from others both online and in person as well.

I think maybe we are climbing out of the barren pit of supply that was caused partially out of panic buying in the wake of POTUS being re-elected and Sandy Hook fear hype of big gub'ment takin' away our guns. The fact that around the sample time that DHS made a ungodly order for ammo that stressed manufacturers capacities didn't help either.

I don't know if manufacturers finally tooled up and ramped up production or if the huge DHS orders have been filled and the supply is finally getting back to the civilian market, but it seems we can breathe a bit easier about getting our hands on ammo.

The ammo shelf in its heyday, I have shot up quite a bit since this pic was taken.

I will admit that after the election I bought into the hoarding mentality myself and went a bit crazy with ammo purchases. I have come to the point where I now can pass over ammo purchases if I think the prices are too inflated because of my modest stockpile. And I should point out that my ammo shelf is not full purely out of panic buying but also because in the "good times" I would routinely buy a box or two more than I thought I would need to shoot that weekend "just in case" when prices were low. Brick of .22 stacked chest high in the store for $11.99?...sure throw a box in the cart...next thing you know you have 7,000 rounds of the stuff in storage.

The new normal

Unfortunately I feel that we have come to a new norm as it pertains to pricing. Boxes of 9mm I used to buy for $8 are now $20+, .45 is upwards of $30 in many places and good old 5.56 is now $10 a box. Wow. To their credit stores like Walmart and Meijers in my area have pretty much stuck to pre-panic pricing levels, which may be why ammo flies off their shelves and is scarcely found there. If there indeed was some type of conspiracy for the government to drive up prices by limiting supply by the DHS order, well mission accomplished guys. I am not an economist by any means, but what I know that once people get conditioned and used to paying a certain price for a good, there is usually little incentive for the supplier to lower its retail cost on their own.

Welcome to the new normal folks, cheap shooting is so 2007.......
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