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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Franklin County (Ohio) now issuing veteran ID cards.

If you are veteran living in the Central Ohio area in Franklin County (Columbus) you can now go apply for and receive a ID card specifically identifying you as such. 

Story HERE

I am on the fence as far as this goes.  I don't necessarily think its a bad idea insofar as guys who honorably served their country usually don't have any type of identification showing this to take advantage of any discount offers that they may be eligible for.  Carrying around a copy of your DD214 is not what I would normally call a very smart or convenient alternative.  On the other hand, I don't think that this is something that the county, or state for that matter should do for anybody that has served in one of the uniformed services.  I don't also like the idea that in order to get one that you need to put your DD214 on file with the county.  First off, what purpose does that serve and I have also heard about people having identity theft problems from info available via FOIA requests of this data.  It seems to me that the VA should be in charge of putting something like this together as the federal representative in these affairs.  In fact, people do get issued VA ID cards when entitled to certain types of care.  The problem is this, like everything else, the higher in government the responsibility goes, the more complex and boondoggled it also gets.  The VA is already backlogged enough as is and putting another item on their plate doesn't seem to be the answer.

My answer is this.  There are already thousands of designated DEERS/ID card centers in the military as is.  Make the cards available through them and also make the issuance of one a required part of out-processing of current personnel.   I don't think that a picture should be necessarily required, so you could even have them processed via the mail system.  I know its a lot to do to get folks a free lunch once a year at Applebees, but I feel at least its what we should be doing.

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