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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Another expensive lesson in what to do if stopped by the police while carrying

Well, got this view in my rear view on Sunday....

Damn.....   but notice the Crusader Weaponry hat on the 'ol noggin....
Yep, did what would of been called a "Baghdad Stop" coming off the highway onto a state route....that is, I didn't exactly come to a complete stop.  In convoys overseas you never stop if at all possible in order to limit the chance of providing a target to an IED or insurgent attack, but I digress....

On Sunday I was heading up to my Mother-In-Law's place in Bucyrus, Ohio (about an hour North of Columbus...home of the Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival...where they only serve the best of the wurst!) to pick up some tools and a tool chest that belonged to my late Brother-In-Law from her barn.  On my last trip up there I came across a couple of very irate raccoons in the barn that seemed a bit pissed at my disturbing their  sleep.  On the chance that their aggressiveness might be due to some type of rabies I decided to take a little "insurance" in the form of some .38 +P rounds.  I could of brought a .22 but decided a .38 would probably be more humane if it came to that.  Why not a shotty?  Simple, easier to carry a pistol and I can carry it loaded with my CCW license in the vehicle.  I decided to use the Ruger GP-100 I recently acquired would do the trick and carried it in the cross body shoulder holster that came with it.

Getting back to the "incident", so I pull off the highway, get to the end of the off ramp and don't come to a complete stop (allegedly) and see the blue flashers in the rear view (whatever happened to red?) and immediately pulled over like a good citizen. I rolled down the window, turned off the truck, took my drivers license and CCW ID out and kept my hands on top of the wheel.

Now, in Ohio, part of our law requires us to notify the officer that we are a license holder and if we do/do not have a weapon on us if we are stopped by law enforcement in the performance of their job....eg. getting stopped for a traffic offense.  This is not the case in all states, matter of fact I was talking about this very thing  a week or so ago on FaceBook with a web friend from Arizona, which is a Constitutional Carry state and has no such requirement.  Ironic. What to take from this is know the laws of your state and whatever state you may be driving in.  Knowing the laws, and following them, in these matters will go a long way to making life much easier for you.  

Rest of the story in one paragraph or less...... As she came up I let her know I was licensed and armed...she asked where it was and I nodded under my arm with my head.  As she looked into the truck and saw the grip sticking out from under my arm her eyes got big as saucers as she reached into the truck and removed it while telling me that in this case she was going to take the weapon due to its location between us.  In Ohio, law enforcement officials have the right to do so for their safety.  After the stop was over and she issued me the ticket she let me know that I could retrieve my pistol from the rear of my truck, on top of the cover where she placed it, once she left.  After taking off I noticed that she parked a short distance down the road and left once she saw that I did pick it up and didn't drive off like a idiot with it bouncing off the back onto the road.

Anyway, the entire ordeal was a lot less eventful that this many words would seem to indicate. What I guess I mean to show here is that if I could be pulled over while armed and have such a mundane exchange with a LEO, maybe it shows that - at least here in the heartland  - the battle for our 2A freedoms can be won....one positive, responsible interaction between "us" and "them" at a time.

Now, about that $138 ticket.....

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Anonymous said...

After reading all those stories about 5 year old children being handcuffed and hauled off to jail for drawing a picture of, or even talking
about, a gun, it is almost inspiring to read about two armed adults,especially a police officer, who can interact without hysteria. Such prudent yet respectful consideration for the rights and sensibilities of others seems to be all too rare.

I commend the police officer's common sense, thoughtfullness, and presence of mind. Please convey my regards to the officer at your hearing. (smiley face goes here, when I learn to use them).