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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Turned a Glock into a 2.5lb steel rock....

Well, I didn't end up selling the G19 to finance my M9 purchase after all.... I traded it for a Ruger GP-100 .357 .... a steel rock if there ever was one.  I have a hand cannon once again!!

Got a good deal on the trade, the Ruger goes for around $600 and I had about a total of $550 in the Glock.  The G19 was test fired in June of 2010 according to the spent shell casing envelope in the box, and the serial number on the GP100 shows it was made around the same time, so depreciation costs are a wash. Then there were the extras...2 boxes of Remington .38 range ammo and another 40-ish rounds of loose ammo in a plastic ammo case (including about 15 CCI LSN .357 rounds), 3 HKS speed loaders, a el cheapo but functional cross body holster and a lockable pistol box.  Total estimated value of that package, about $750.  Yeah, I had to drive a bit to get it from a guy in Cleveland, but hey, it was the first nice day of the year (temp in the high 70's) so a good day for a drive and I still came out ahead even after gas and lunch being taken from the "profit"!

At one time I had a Ruger Security-Six .357 and foolishly parted with it.  I have regretted it ever since and this corrects that misjudgement in thinking.  The GP-100 is an evolution of the Ruger line of service/hunting medium frame guns that the Security-Six line carried.  It offers several features over that platform while still retaining the overall lines of its predecessors.

  • A much more thicker frame without side panels designed to stand up to unlimited use of hot .38 and .357 Magnum rounds.
  • A triple locking mechanism that includes the crane lock used on the larger Redhawk line of .44 revolvers.
  • A dual spring system that keeps the hammer spring tension from affecting trigger pull.
  • A "peg" grip (also used on my LCR) that eliminates the need to have 2 different guns to adapt different style grips to.  No more square or round butt decisions, just find a grip, stick it on the peg and secure.

Overall, the one word to describe these pistols is "over engineered", OK I guess that's 2 words.  Weighing in at around 40 ounces, this thing is heavier empty than the G19 with a loaded 15 round mag I traded it for.  But thats not a bad thing, that weight will really help sop up recoil from those .357 rounds on the range and in the field.

The model I traded for is technically called the KGP-141, which means its a 4" model with a satin stainless finish, adjustable sights and Hogue grip.  I would dare say its probably the most popular of the GP100 series models since I see so damn many of them.  With a 4" barrel, this pistol is not legal in Ohio to use for hunting (6" length requirement) but when using .357 rounds in it, it could theoretically take just about any game animal in the lower 48 states.  Even though I won't be hunting with it (and really I don't hunt to begin with....although I support hunter rights) I think I will go old school Elmer Keith and get some hot hard cast rounds from Buffalo Bore for it...just in case... 180gr...1400fps....783 ft/lbs...yeah, just in case....

More info and hopefully range report to follow.

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