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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My 10/22 is "Activated"

I was in our new Cabelas the other week just nosing around the bargain section and I found a non-descript little clamshell wrapper with a BMF Activator in it, marked something like $20.  A what?  A BMF Activator is a devise that places a crank on your trigger guard of your semi-auto .22 or similar rifle that activated the trigger by means of  a rotating cylinger that pushes a "activator bar" against the trigger 3 times for every rotation of the crank.  It is supposed to approximate full auto fire but is more like shooting a gatling gun.  It does not alter the mechanics of the weapons so its legal...at least for now.  It even comes with a little copy of the (then called) ATF letter saying that it does not violate any laws. 

I have spoken before about I do not like traditional bump firing where guys hold weapons slung low and shoot from the hip as you cannot see the sights and do nor really have a good idea where your round may go, especially with the weapon moving around under only semi-controlled recoil.  As you can see from the video, I was able to use the scope on my 10/22 (cheap NC Star scope but it works on a .22) the entire time.

All in all a pretty neat little gimmick, it will not be staying on the rifle full time though.  It was nice to have a bit of fun, but .22 being scare as it is better to take aimed shots and save my ammo.

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Under construction said...

Here's a video I just finished creating showing the evolution of my crank fire dress up kit prototypes versions 1 through 3. The first one is air cooled only. The second one is (truly) water cooled only. But my third prototype is convertible in under a minute to be either air cooled or (truly) water cooled (no fake water jackets here). I learned a lot making the first two, and my 3rd prototype incorporates new design changes that I learned from making the earlier ones. In my video you will see my latest 3rd prototype firing at the range using the new GSG 110 rd drum mag and it's really spitting out the rounds. Hope you enjoy it. Bill