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Monday, March 4, 2013

VA Hospital visit.

Spent a few hours yesterday helping out at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Chillicothe, Ohio (About 45 minutes South of Columbus) yesterday as part of a program with a fraternal organization I belong to.  First time for me to do this and it was not a bad experience at all. 

The facility itself is not a single building but a campus that, upon driving into, brings back many memories of being on Army posts.  They have the neatly trimmed lawns and manicured shrubs, large signs pointing to this or that building # or facility and the like. I was told I could not take pictures but I found this on a Google search, and while its not where we were at its pretty representative of the architecture of the buildings on the campus.

This is a drug and alcohol treatment center for veterans and I would say the ages ran from the mid 20's all the way into the senior citizen ranks.  I talked to a few guys, both Marine vets for a bit and then the "horse races" started, basically a bingo like game where the patients got to try and win a few dollars for the PX shoppette there.  That lasted all of about 20 minutes and then we served them some snacks of fresh fruit and cookies.  The fruit supposedly is hard to come by there, which I think strange in a drug and alcohol facility as I would think that good nutrition would be a tool that would be used by the center.

Anyways, I had a good time, out total commitment there was about 2 hours and it was another approximately 90 minute commute each way to the place, so it still left time in my day to take care of some personal business too.  Not to shabby to help out some fellow vets trying to get their lives back on track.  I will be back.

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