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Monday, March 18, 2013

Swiss precission....

Well, as you may recall I got a K-31 from SAMCO right before we learned that my wife will not be employed in the near future, and despite my best efforts to get the order cancelled it shipped to me. After looking it over I decided to keep it. I finally got a chance to put rounds downrange with it with surplus Swiss G11 7.5x55 ammo... here was the results at 25 yards with the first 5 shots.

OK, so windage is on but elevation is a bit off (sights were set to their lowest ladder setting of 100 meters).  Still, despite the one flyer (in the first 3 rounds as it always is...wth is up with that?!!?) that is a solid group.  Given, Swiss ammo is pretty much match grade for the most part, but still that is pretty damn good for a rifle with open notch sights off of a semi-supported position from a bench.

25 yards is not that far but its far enough to judge how capable a weapon is at longer ranges.  Its the distance that soldiers in the US Army are taught to zero their rifle as a 1" group at this distance equals a 4 MOA rifle (which is supposedly a standard requirement of all US firearms).  With 5.56 ammo out of an AR a group zeroed at 25 meters (close enough in yards) will have a similar ballistic impact at 250 yards, hence its suitability for zeroing purposes for a battle sight setting.  Now, I have been told that 7.5x55 Swiss is ballistically similar to .308 as far as trajectory goes, but I have yet to find a table showing such info.  I would expect at 25 yards that impacts would be a bit low due to sight heights and such, but this seems a bit low.  Have to find out what needs to be adjusted, or maybe just try an actual 100 yard zero (didn't have quite the room for that where I was at to allow a safe backstop as well).

Either way, this rifle is a superb example of quality machining that was available at the time of its manufacture (the Swiss weren't bothered much by the war and could produce their military firearms at a higher level of quality than other European countries at the time) and also the result of pairing with quality ammo.

Yeah, this one isn't leaving my safe any time soon.

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Firehand said...

And if you handload, use the same bullets as .308 or .30-06.

Shoots cast bullets nicely, too.