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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Warm Bodies....RomZomCom

You've heard of zombie comedies....ZomCom's..... Zombieland and Shaun Of The Dead for example...

You've heard of Romantic Comedies....RomCom's.....too many to mention...pick some chick flick comedy...

But have you ever heard of a RomZomCom?

Try watching Warm Bodies in the theaters now....here's the first 4 minutes...

The movie centers around a helpless zed named "R" who stumbles around an airport along with other zombies bumping into things and narrating how much it sucks to be a zombie and not being able to relate or feel anything toward other creatures.  Unlike other zombie flicks, "R" and his pals seem to have a least a very primitive memory of their past lives as some seem to continue to do what they did while alive (man a metal detector, mop the floor) and recognize each other, even uttering small works with meaning "eat".  At one point there is a flashback to the days prior to the apocalypse where "R" remembers how people could communicate with one another...and therein lies the theme for the movie.  For you see in the flashback, nobody in the airport is actually communicating face to face, but rather through cell phones, laptops and tablets and other electronic media.  The entire movie is about taking time to really communicate with your fellow human beings and how that really makes us alive.

"R" and his crew go out to get something (someone) to eat and run into a group of scavenging survivors and begin to chow down.  After eating the brains of one member of the group, Pere,  - in where we are informed that eating brains causes zombies to get glimpses of their dinner's past and feelings - he sees and falls in love with the now dead Perry's girlfriend, Julie...who just happens to be the daughter of the very anti-zed leader of the remnants of humanity locked behind a high wall.

Without giving too much away, the more time he spends with Julie, the more and more human "R" becomes and his influence on the other walkers leads them to change as well.  This is much to the dislike of the "bonies", zombies that have totally given up any remnant of their humanity and are reduced to violent skeletons with bits of flesh still attached.  In order for "R" and his zed friends  to be a "good" zombies the writers had to create "bad" ones I suppose.

In the end its love that finally turns "R" human again and others like him that still yearn to be human, the bonies get the bone and everyone lives happily ever after.  I took my wife and 10 year old daughter to see it and they liked it...of course they watch The Walking Dead with me (abet I censor certain subjects in it from the 10 year old).  Its a good date night flick and has both romance and zombies, something for each of you.....I'll let you decide who is watching it for the zombies and whom for the romance.

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