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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Glock 30S...I want it..why? I have no idea...

So Glock just announced a new .45 ACP pistol to add to their lineup.  The Glock 30S.  Its a G36 slim profile slide on a Gen3 G30SF frame.  Its obviously aimed at filling some perceived gap between the 30 and 36.   Why they chose the G30SF frame over the Gen4 G30 frame to give folks the choice of grip size I don't know, but the thing here was the inclusion of the slimmer slide on top of it.  I suppose perhaps the slide would not work on the Gen4 frame?  I think other than the RTF2 texture it matters littles, as I have recently stated in my G26 Gen4 review that I don't think the majority of shooters will use anything other than the standard (SF) grip size anyway.

Anyway from Glock's site...

GLOCK, Inc Unveils the New 30S Pistol Model 
SMYRNA, GA —January 14, 2013 —

SHOT Show Sets the Stage for Unveiling of Latest Offering from GLOCKToday GLOCK, Inc. announced a new addition to its pistol lineup - the GLOCK 30S. The conceal-and-carry hybrid pistol features impressive stopping power consisting of a factory-made 36 slide on top of a 30SF frame. Its compact design and simple operation allow smooth drawing in a .45 caliber pistol. The 30S packs 10 rounds of .45 ACP in a package that fits the hands of most any user. The G30S is easy to use, easy to conceal and tough to contend with. 
“The G30S platform has been more than a year in the making,” explained Josh Dorsey, GLOCK Vice President. “Our original request from the field - particularly from law enforcement - was to have a more concealable .45 that still carries 10 rounds, so we utilized the G30 SF frame after it was thoroughly tested, presented and accepted as the desired frame for the G30S.” 
The full details of the new model are outlined below: 
  • Dimensions
  1. Length (overall): 177 mm / 6.97 inch
  1. Length (slide cpl.): 172 mm / 6.77 inch
  1. Width: 32.5 mm / 1.28 inch
  1. Height with magazine: 122 mm / 4.80 inch
  1. Barrel length: 96 mm / 3.78 inch
  1. Length of twist: 400 mm / 15.75 inch
  1. Trigger distance: 72.5 mm / 2.85 inch
  1. Trigger travel to discharge: 12.5 mm / 0.49 inch
  1. Length between sights (polymer): 150 mm / 5.91 inch
  • Weight
  1. Pistol w/o magazine: 575 g / 20.28 oz
  1. Magazine std. empty: 70 g / 2.47 oz
  1. Magazine std. full (depending on ammo used): 280 g / 9.88 oz
  • Magazine capacity (rounds): 10
  • Barrel profile: right hand twist; octagonal
  • Standard Trigger pull: ~5.5lbs
  • Muzzle velocity V0**: 787 fps
  • Muzzle energy E0**: 317 ft lb
**depending on ammunition used
They even came out with a promo video clearly aimed at the LEO crowd in which you get to see the actual pistol for like 10 seconds in use, and the rest of the time some dark images of undercover officers driving around looking for bad guys...or donut shops  (zing!!).

"Elite Tactical"?  I bet Gecko45 couldn't of come up with a cooler descriptive term.  Damn, I want to be "elite tactical" now...I wonder if there is a t-shirt for that yet?  Hmmm...off to Cafe Press I go....

Back on topic,  It doesn't appear to be any functionality gap between the G30 and G36 models here that Glock had to address.  I think I  (and many others) would have been much happier to see them come our with a single stack 9mm/.40 model. I went ahead and did a little comparison on the G30 SF compared to the other subcompact Glock models in its own lineup (all data from Glock's website)....since I know you were probably wondering the same thing I was....whats the difference between what was offered before and this new model?   Outwardly they all appear to be somewhat the same.  The dimensions listed are the widest at any given point so I think maybe the actual experience of wearing the slim slide IWB with the regular G30 width grip may be lost in the numbers here.

I think there must be some error with the data on Glock's website, because I don't see how both the G30SF and G30S can both weight the same empty, but the G30SF weighs over 3 ounces more with the same number of rounds in a loaded magazine inserted than the G30S.  Matter of fact the unloaded weight of the G30SF, G30S and the single stack G36 (which is .17" thinner) are all about the same to begin with, which also seems a bit off. 
If you want to check out the G30S on Glock's website click  here..
I don't know why, but I want one of these.  Maybe its because I recently got a G21 that I want a companion piece to it, maybe I have fallen in love with Glocks again and renewed my fanboy membership...maybe its just because I like the idea of 10 rounds of .45 ACP in a package that size and have learned to rely on the Glock design. Hopefully they will come out with a LEO/.mil package that I can buy for their discounted "First Responder" program (most basic models are $398 under the program, .45's and tac/prac models slightly more).  I dunno....hopefully I will still be able to exercise my right to buy a firearm when I can get the funds together to buy one.  
There is just something about those Glocks....somewhat related but I love Brad Delp's vocals....

And before any of you comment that I don't know my butt from a hole in the ground about this pistol, this is purely a review based on info currently available on the web.  Hopefully I will get a chance to handle this pistol in person soon and will provide more info as it becomes available.  But hey, I don't charge you folks to read this stuff anyway so who cares, right?


joatmon said...

I have one. I was lucky enough to find one and the funny thing is, the LGS I go to didn't even order it. It just showed up. I grabbed it before anyone looked at it.
That being said, this is now my EDC weapon. I have run about 200 rounds through it and I love it. I have shot the 30, 30SF and the 21SF and this is almost the best one. The 21SF edges it out a tiny bit but try carrying one.
Accuracy is great, it conceals fairly well and it's a .45. What's not to love?

Anonymous said...

Just bought one at Cabela's in Utah. The only one they had. Love the feel and comfort. Looking forward to getting my CCW from the state to start carrying it concealed. Also noticed a lot a used G21's in their case for sale as well, mostly from law enforcement. I also have 2 other Glocks, a G19 and 26. Love both of them as well.