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Thursday, January 17, 2013

MAC shoots the Caracal carbine...pay attention Glock

Most people have not heard about, seen or shot a Caracal pistol.  I myself have never actually seen one in person or shot them.  Its a European designed striker fired pistol produced by a company out of the UAE.  Supposedly they shoot well and are very comfortable.  I have tried to find one locally but have not run across one.

Even though they have not gained a following here in the US, they introduced a carbine at the SHOT show that our friend from The Military Arms Channel got a chance to shoot.  Notice the carbine takes the same magazines as the pistol.  This is cool.  A firearm like this could be issued as a backup weapon to police or security personnel normally armed with just a pistol.  They roll into a barricade or other type situation, they pull out the carbine, take a mag out of their pouch and they're set.  The carbine provides a longer sight radius and more stable platform increasing the potential for accuracy.  Plus, with +P ammo coming out of a 16" barrel, that 9mm round just turned into a nearly a .357 giving the shooter a bit more punch, but not as much as a intermediate rifle round in 5.56/.223, which is what most patrols have if not a 12 guage I believe.  That would be useful in an urban setting where long range over penetration is not a good thing with bystanders nearby.

Here's the video....

It seems that a similar offering by Glock has been on the wish list of a lot of shooters, but Glock has not delivered.  That kind of surprises me considering how many police departments and civilian shooters use their products.  Maybe this will spur Glock to make one, maybe not.  If the scarcity and general unavailability of the Kel-Tec Sub2000 carbine that takes Glock mags has not spurned them into action before, this probably won't either I guess.


Californian behind the lines said...

Interestingly enough, a 5.56mm carbine (a la the ubiquitous Colt 6920 in many a police car) is less prone to overpenetration than a pistol round.
Also delivers better terminal effect, better accuracy flatter trajectory etc), and more options for sights, ergonomics, lights, and the like.
To boot, the magazine is twice as capacious.

If you're going to have carbine bulk, might as well have carbine power, too, rather than slightly souped-up pistol power.

Though I will agree that pistol-caliber carbines can be great fun.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice, right after he said you cant action the charging handle while the safety is engaged, he does just that? He didnt even notice!