2nd Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Friday, December 28, 2012

RIP GEN H. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr, 1934-2012

An American military icon has passed.  General H. "Stormin'" Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. passed away yesterday with him family close by in Florida from complications of pneumonia.  He was 78,

General Schwarzkopf was a soldier's general, a man that once crawled into a minefield to help save a wounded soldier while wounded himself.  A man that troops rallied around and drew inspiration from.  His legacy will ultimately be tied with the Desert Shield/Storm conflict of  1990-91, and while history will record this as a slam dunk win for the US and coalition forces, it was not always a foregone conclusion.

At the time of the invasion of Kuwait, Iraq had the 4th largest military in the world (behind, China, the Soviet Union and the US), its senior leadership and many of its regular units had been tried in tested in a decade long conflict in Iran.  It had chemical weapons and had used them in the past.  In short, it was a formidable foe on paper.  It was widely circulated that we expected tens of thousands of casualties in the first few weeks of fighting.

It lasted 4 days on the ground.

After a prolonged air campaign orchestrated by Schwarzkopf to blind and disorient the Iraqi leadership, he masterminded the great "left hook" move of having an entire division pull a "Hail Mary" attack at the flank of the Iraqi force and ultimately drove them out of Kuwait in short order while devastating their troops and armored forces in the process.

Even more importantly, Schwarzkopf, along with General Colin Powell, recognized from their experiences in Vietnam how much the media could influence the perception of the war.  He therefore went on very orchestrated briefings directly to the media showing how coalition forces were defeating the Iraqis by the use of smart weapons that could drop a single bomb down an air shaft in a building and surgically remove the threat like a delicate cancer operation. He famously showed a video of "the luckiest man in Iraq" who drove a truck over a bridge mere seconds before a smart bomb blows it up behind him.  He made us laugh at the war in a sense.  Meanwhile he hid the horrors of the tens of thousands of Iraqis that died after massive bombardments, ariel strikes and coalition ground attacks.  Not that I feel sorry for the "barbaric invaders" (as my former Kuwaiti hosts called them), but I think its important that we note how he sanitized the war for the American public and therefor kept support for it high.

After he retired he became a well known speaker, commentator and also was on the board of directors for many large corporations, including Remington Arms for those of us into that thing. 

Rest in piece General, your post here is secure.

Monday, December 24, 2012

I'm no Robert Frost but here goes....

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the store
There was not an AR mag to be found
From the front to back door

Ammo shelves stood empty
There simply was no more
From 9mm to 5.56
All the way to 6.5 creedmore

Great mobs had descended
Upon all gun stores
As rumors of bans spread
Turning all into gear whores

All black rifles had been sold
Both AR an AK
Causing some people to question
Why the didn't buy before today

Our POTUS gets on the tube
Telling people what they want to hear
Giving false safety to some folks
And others great fear

He thought he was doing right
By causing such great fear
But instead of getting guns out of homes
He's the NRA salesman of the year

A great tragedy did happen
And a madman used guns
And the Brady bunch is calling
For the masses to have none

Even though this great horror did happen
In a state with strict gun laws
The Antis will claim to allow us to have them
Is one of our societies great flaws

The Fudds will go along
Stating large mags are not meant for sport
But will cry for their own liberty
When they themselves come up short

For you see those against us
Simply will not stop
They will start with "assault weapons"
And not end until they close all shops

The truth is quite simple
Easy for some to plainly see
To trade freedom for false safety
Means the end of being free

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meet our new gun control tzar....

Are you kidding me....

I got a headache now, back tomorrow folks....

Anyway, when did we start naming our non-cabinet advisers after imperial Russian titles anyway?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CTD Gouging....

Here is an order I placed with Cheaper Than Dirt on 11/25...notice the price of the mags at the bottom....

And here is the same item today..

If this was a comparable mark up in gasoline there would be riots in the streets and congress up in arms... This is gouging plain and simple, a ban on the sale or manufacture of these items is not even on the table (yet).  Yeah, I suppose supply and demand play a certain portion of the price increase but not 550% in a month!!  Ammo prices have similarly increased as well!!

And here is the real kicker, the same items (magazines and ammo) for the feared "AK-47" that the media traditionally likes to report on are the same price!!  This is all because the "Bushmaster AR assault rifle" was used in the Connecticut shootings and that is what all the press is enamored with right now.

Right now the 'net is ablaze with reaction to not only CTD's suspension of firearm sales but this gouging also. I for one will no longer patronize them.  I wonder who they think is buying there wares after all, little old ladies in knitting circles?


CTD has gotten their last order from me....

There is no reason they would have to review their policy if they have been obeying the law to begin with.  The must ship firearms to a FFL who does a 4473 and NICS check or to a C&R holder.  Why would they have to change their internal policy unless they were considering not selling certain items or limiting quantities...which is my personal opinion of why they are doing this.

I guess they could always sell Amway on their site...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Time for mourning?...or time for sensationalizing and villainization?

Watched CBS Morning news while getting dressed.  Charlie Rose had some guy on the news talking about the weaponry used in the Newtown shootings.  Of special note for some reason was the Glock 20 the shooter used, as it used "larger than normal shells" and "was only really used for hunting large game" (or something to that affect).  Apparently that is the pistol the shooter used to end his own life when police got on scene.   Larger than normal?  There are bullets both larger in weight and diameter than the 10mm (10x25mm actually, a .40 caliber round) carried by police in this country every day (10mm is .40/180gr vs the 200-230gr .45 ACP carried by many officers).  Should I also make mention that the round was developed in part for adoption by the FBI who liked it but passed because some officers could not handle the stout, but not unmanageable, recoil.   This isn't the first time I recall condemnation of the 10mm based solely on reputation.  I remember a court case in California I think where a hiker defended himself against an attacker on a trail with a 10mm and was convicted of manslaughter because the jury considered the 10mm "too powerful" for self defense?  Too powerful? WTF?  Tell you what, I want the most powerful round I can carry effectively to defend me, hell, let me know you are coming to attack me ahead of time and I will have a damn howitzer ready for you.

Back on topic, this type of sensationalism and villainization of guns is just the beginning.  If I knew it wasn't so damning to the 2nd Amendment it might also be kind of funny.  I mean, if I went on national TV and tried to give a comprehensive explanation about something like horses and tackle after just reading up on it on the internet for an hour I am sure equestrians across the country would have a heyday making fun of my demonstrated ignorance.   Instead, when it comes to guns, anybody and everybody is an expert it appears when they get on national TV.  If the other side wants to have any validity with their arguments against our rights it might be a good idea for them to start by having a clue what they are talking about first..."seek first to understand, then to be understood".

I  watched the President's speech last night at the service for the victims (it preempted the season finale of Survivor)...he danced all around gun control in his speech without actually saying it, but we know its coming. I will give him credit, he gave a fairly good speech about how we cannot stand to watch these events to happen again, its just he and I have vastly different ideas how this can be accomplished.  He obviously wants to enact strict control on the selling and possession of firearms in this country, I would seek to help facilitate better mental health care in this country, give money to schools to hire security guards full time (vets?) and crack down on ILLEGAL gun trafficking in this country.  

This will not be a pretty fight.  Matter of fact I fully expect an Executive Order to be the end of this, not legislation that he cannot hope to pass.  If he does press legislation it will be to parade the faces of 20 innocent children across the American landscape and proclaim that anybody that does not vote for his legislation is obviously in favor of more deaths like these 20 kids.  Its a no win situation in my darkest vision of the future.

Still funny for me to see God invoked so often by a POTUS whose own party did not even include him as part of their party platform at their convention on the first day, and also that the people most loudly calling for gun control to save the lives of children are also often the ones calling for individual rights to choose to abort these children while still in the womb without trial or cause.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Conn. School Shootings...

As of now, 26+ dead, including 18 children...a tragedy.

First off, the horror I feel about the mere thought of children being gunned down like has happened today, let alone the actuality of it, sickens me to no end.  I am sure many parents will anguish with gifts under the tree that will never be opened due to the savagery of one persons actions.  The season is ruined for many people.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by this act of madness.

No child should have to endure this....
Still, even now as information is just coming out about the shooting the normal voices of rhetoric are already being heard from both sides in regards to this tragedy.  I see a vast array of pro-gun posts on Facebook along with the tendrils of the anti-gun media looking to exploit anything they can to vilify firearms.  I am too pissed now to start spouting anything specific, lets just settle for the fact that I still believe that simply banning all guns will not make this type of problem go away.

Still, being a host of pro-2A blog you feel compelled to say something in times like this when firearms are used for such evil purposes.  I cannot defend what has happened, I condemn it.  Still I think it should be pointed out that even if you take weapons out of the equations, the sickness of the individual committing the crime remains.  I believe China just executed a guy that went to a school and knifed children to death, same intent, same result, different tools.  Still a sick fucking mind though....

Connecticut is a AWB state already with a waiting period for the purchase of firearms, and that with a license to purchase too I believe.  Yet still this tragedy happened.  This morning I had a piece post in regards to Armslist being sued by the Brady Campaign and I pointed out how the killer in that story traveled hundreds of miles to get the gun used in his crime.  Gun laws do not stop determined criminals, I am convinced of this fact.  The other day I posted about the shootings in Oregon and pointed out that maybe the  seasonal depression felt by many during the holiday season may help set off these individuals, maybe also often the notoriety does too.  Some sick individuals may be willing to sacrifice their lives in the commitment of a heinous act like this knowing that they life of obscurity will end in 15 minutes of infamy.  The shooters name has already been release, I will not list it here.

Still a lot of info being sifted through, maybe a second shooter, the shooter's mother worked at the school and both her and his father are dead too. The is a report that maybe an AR was used, Glock and Sig have already been given by name as weapons used in the attack.      I am sure that that piece of info was asked specifically by the press to some LEO agency, as if the name of the weapons used makes much difference to the victims or anybody else.  White House has declined to speak on the subject of gun control other to say that the president was "determined about an assault weapons ban"...and so it goes.

All in all, too sickened by the thought of kindergartners being gunned down by this animal to think straight.

Again, my prayers for the families.

Brady Bunch sues Armslist....I am underwhelmed...

The anti-gun, anti-freedom group The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence is suing the online firearms listing service Armslist.com over the death of a young women whose killer illegally purchased the firearm used in her murder from a lister on the site.

Story by The Huffington Post (yeah, I know).

Well, as you may remember, I use Armslist from time to time, along with Gunlistings.org and other resources to buy and sell firearms that I am looking to get rid of or acquire.  You get better prices for sales than you would get otherwise selling to a gun store and as long as you do everything buy the book its just a private sale between 2 individuals.  One of my biggies is always trying to deal with somebody who can produce an Ohio CCW card, which tells me that he is for certain a resident of my state and that he has passed a background check.
Pistol used by Squeaky Fromme in the assassination attempt on President
Gerald R. Ford.  She did NOT buy in on Armslist.com....just threw it in here
'cause its a 1911...
In this case the person selling the firearm obviously knew he was doing it illegally as the killer paid him $200 to "look the other way" during the sale (the killer was a Canadian that bought the gun from another state from which he resided and also was underaged).  The seller was convicted of the act and sentenced to jail for selling the firearm illegally.   The thing that stood out to me was that the guy traveled from Chicago to Washington to buy a gun?  Wow, this guy was motivated and stupid all at the same time.  It also proves that you can make guns virtually impossible to acquire (as in Chicago) but yet criminals will go to extreme lengths to get one.  What I thought was really wrong is that (info found in another article) that this woman knew she was in danger and when the killer attacked her all she had to defend herself with was a cup of coffee....I wonder if she herself had been armed if this could have ended differently.  Again, being an unarmed citizen in a city that virtually makes it impossible to arm yourself surely did heavily weigh the odds in the killers favor.

Also this brings up a few other points (least among them is that she initiated a relationship with a 17 year old when she was 33).  So if this lawsuit goes to court and stands, does that mean that cars sold to people who use them in conjunction of a crime can used to sue the sellers or the automakers themselves?  Same goes for computers and other items sold on places like Craigslist, if used for crimes, can Craigslist be sued?  Speaking of Craigslist, I know they have removed their "escort" adds after the "Craigslist Killer" case, but did they ever get sued?  If not I hope the family of those victims is taking note.  In the Armslist suit here the only thing the site did was to provide the weapon, the Craigslist killing the site actually helped arrange the meeting between the victim and killer....interesting.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Concealed carry for Illinois!

Hey, some good news.   The 7th US Circuit court has overturned the ban on CCW in Illinois as unconstitutional, just like we always knew it was.  The court has furthermore ordered the state government to come up with a law to govern CCW in the state within 180 days, else constitutional carry (carry when, where and how you like at your discretion) will go into effect! Wow, I bet many didn't see that coming.

Anyway, this apparently sets the stage for a showdown in the Illinois legislature between mostly anti-gun Democrats and pro-gun Republicans over the wording and statutes in such legislation.  There was a CCW bill that was defeated last year it seems because it was too restrictive.  The democratic crafter of that bill vows not to be so "accommodating this time".  Illinois, and Chicago to be more precise, has a long history of anti-gun bullying to include the requirement of each owning citizen to have a FOID (firearm ownership ID) card with them at all times, kind of like have to have a background check card before you fill out the ATF 4473 at the store to buy one.  

Pro-gun voices are calling for a laissez-faire type treatment of any bill where the government has almost no say in the stipulations for the carrying of firearms by citizens.  I think realistically you will see a compromise like in other states, such as here in Ohio, where you have licensing requirements and "restricted areas" (even if the NRA spokesman in the article say those areas are a ban, I think the precedence has been upheld in court and in other states to allow such restricted areas, like it or not) and other stipulations to carrying.

At the extreme, this sets up another challenge to be sent to the US Supreme Court, that still does not have the numbers (unless somebody flips...again) to overturn the ruling.

Bottom line, first Otis McDonald wins and now another victory for the citizens of "The Prairie State".

Another white elephant in the room...

OK, another public shooting at a mall in Portland, Oregon has claimed two lives.  Once again I pray for the families of the victims while pondering this insanity.

Apparently a gunman (white male of course) strolled into this suburban mall with a white mask, some type of vest (some say bulletproof, police won't say...my guess is one of those tacticool vests) with an AR and proceeds to proclaim "I am the shooter" and lets loose with apparently 2 mags before doing the police and society a favor and taking his own life.

A tragic event indeed.  Not surprising as many strange things happen in regards to people and their behavior around the holiday season.  Its a well known fact that DUI's and suicides increase in and around the holidays as people get depressed realizing how shallow their lives may be or how isolated they feel when others are celebrating with family and friends.  Personally (and I was discussing this with my wife earlier before I found out about the shootings) I think the entire commercialization of the holidays and the implied need to spend money and give and receive material goods puts a lot of stress on people psychologically.  I think it all wears on people, even those of us that more or less have it all together between the ears.  Those that may be a bit on the "not normal" scale to begin with might just use the excuse to get back at society for having a good time while they are not.

I am not pointing out the holidays as the contributing factor in this incident, just spewing some food for thought. Of course the real factor here was the gunman himself, although not surprisingly the media is making a big deal about the "machine gun" he used.  The Brady campaign hates to waste a tragedy so I expect to see some rhetoric from them.  To that I will reply with the same rhetoric us in the 2A arena use "the gun is just a tool"...so there, fair and balanced for you.

Suspects?...no, not hardly...
All I know about this is what I am reading on the 'net currently.  I could go on and spout some more but I have been wiping down cosmoline for the past 2 hours and I am tired.  Its late and I want to go to bed without thinking too much about this.  Post it in the morning and see how it sounds to me then, maybe add some more comments.

Bottom line though....in all the reports in this shooting, like in many others, I don't see anything about anybody having a weapon to defend themselves with...I am sure this was a "safe" mall with a "no firearms" policy and signs posted.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting my mojo back....

Alright, been in the blogging doldrums again lately.  Just can't seem to get motivated to write.  Its time to get my blogging mojo back before this place goes to shit.  Its a shame too because my head is full of stuff to write about, and I have acquired some pretty decent swag (firearms, gear and the like) that I haven't written about going back months now.

If you look at the history of posts for this blog (see chart below) notice how posting started slowly around here in May of 2008 until a burst of activity began in March of 2009.  2011 will be known forever as the year I will never again match I am afraid, just went hog wild posting.  This year I am not on mark to match any month in terms of posting from last year, but I can still get a decent year in, even with the lack of content lately.

Hopefully I got some stuff I can crank out soon concerning some C&R and 2A type material as well as maybe some general musings on life in general.

Stay tuned folks. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gone Phishing...

Phishing: the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Phishing is a huge nuisance on the web, often joked about as the Nigerian Bank Scam after the numerous emails circulated by criminals in that African nation purposing to be some type of ousted royalty or government figure that is willing to give the person who allows him to deposit his ill gotten booty into their bank a portion of the wealth.  Yeah, right.  Its a form of social engineering aimed at taking advantage of a person's sense of need or desire for wealth and security by exploiting the human element of the communication to willfully give up information used for criminal activity (most likely identity theft) and by doing so bypass any and all technological security measures.  Phishing is responsible for Billions (with a "B") of dollars of loss in the US alone.

Well, phishing isn't always relegated to your inbox as the initial form of communication... Check out the following pic....
Rule #1 against phishing...if it seems too good to be true it probably is!!
I found this listing on an online gun listing service for an Ed Brown Special Forces 1911 for $450.  Wow, they retail for around $2,500...a price too good to be true?  You betcha.  Still, out of curiosity (and possibility of maybe this is a legit sale by someone who is just liquidating an estate or something) I sent an email to them via the site. Here is the email response I got with a few things highlighted....

Couple of things to note...

  • Poor English usage is a good sign of a scam coming from outside the county....although it should be noted that with our current education system poor usage of the English language is common anyway.
  • Shipping a gun from overseas via private airline?  Please, not only would that violate import regulations but if you have access to a private airline why the hell do you need to sell your gun at a loss to me?
  • Offering to ship a firearm across state lines without going through the proper FFL...illegal.  Sorry buddy, I like to own my firearms, not have them confiscated for doing a d-bag move like that.
  • Asking way too much information from me....my drivers licence # and occupation, you don't need to know that....unless you were trying to set up a shadow identity with it to establish illegal credit lines in my name.
  • More badly Engrish to end the email.

Wow, sad part is that if these things didn't work they wouldn't take the time to keep sending them out, so somebody must be sending this guy money from this.   I reported the listing as a scam right away, but still some poor sap will probably put some money in this guys pocket.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Home on the range....

Took my old friend Tom and his wife out shooting this past weekend at another friend's place down in Orient, Ohio that I have posted about before.  Tom and I were in the National Guard for years and years together.  I posted back in July about helping him get a M1 Garand from the CMP store at Camp Perry.  He had not gotten a chance to fire it yet, but still came well equipped with everything a rifleman would of had during WW2 for it....he is a WWII buff to say the least!

Also, his wife got a chance to fire her new LC9....ONCE!  After the first round the firing pin went MIA out of the pistol!!  I offered to get it fixed for them since I am their "gun guy" so I am now awaiting Ruger to have a UPS box sent to me to ship it to them in.  Weird malfunction that...the only thing I can think is a roll pin either failed or was never installed that allowed it to come out the back of the pistol when it was at full recoil. Remember kids, always wear safety glasses!

The mystery of the missing firing pin...Rut Roh!

Another weird malfunction happened with my Springfield M1A I had out.  Gave it to Tom and after the first shot the weapon didn't cycle and the op rod appeared to be stuck!  Gave it a quick smack and the op rod popped right off the side!! WTH!! Well, what happened was that we had the rifle laying their with the action open and bold locked back and a .22 case from another rifle had flown over and gone in the stock relief where the op rod fits along the side of the stock and caused the error.  Wow, that was strange!

Of course I got pics!

A view of some of the items on our firepower buffet for the afternoon.....

Tom Getting ready for the first shots with the M1...

Really concentrating....

the results.... not bad...

my results with my own M1...keep in mind I have been shooting mine for a couple of years now....

Here's a vid of those first shots....

Tom shooting a Mauser K98 (nice all matching with no import marks...wartime bring back)

Tom getting ready to go with my '44 Winchester M1 Carbine...he loved this gun...

His wife getting a little time in with a .22 in preparation for "the big stuff"..she shoots lefty like me!

Tom getting ready to pass part of "the big stuff" off to his wife...in this case my AR...

And she shoots it like a boss!

All in all a great and safe time was had by all!!  Just remember with all of this hype going around about how bad guns are and how they make you turn into a homicidal maniac that nobody was killed this day.  I should point out a disclaimer that neither Tom, I nor his wife play in the NFL.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bob Costas...you're a douche..

Boy, and you thought the entire Wounded Warrior thing would create some controversy....

My Costas, you're a douche.

You went on air during a Sunday evening football game and gave a highly polarizing rant against the 2nd Amendment in reaction to the Murder/Suicide of Chief's linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend (who was mother to the couple's 3 month old infant).   I will not post the video but instead offer the following link to Jason Whitlock's article that Costas just basically reread.


Costas, you're not only a douche, you're a meat puppet. A meat puppet is somebody who is simply a mouth piece professionally for another person, like they had that controlling person ram their arm up his ass like a puppet and make him mouth the words of their sentiment.  I mean you can't even come up with your own statement and have to regurgitate something from someone else.  I guess it comes from being in the media to begin with but come on, you knew this rant would cause controversy but chose not to use your own words. Coward.

You indicate that, among other things, had it not been for a gun in the house that Belcher and his girlfriend might be alive.


Explain to me how a 6'2' 230lb linebacker playing professional football would of had any difficulty any other way killing her with his hands, a knife, hammer or any other implement on hand when he decided to do so.  Also explain to me how that same firearm put the sinister idea to commit this heinous crime in his head in the first place.  You can't.
A portion of my collection...I am posting this on the off chance that Bob Costas might actually view this picture and with the hope that upon seeing it he might actually shit himself.
You say that gun owners seek to protect themselves from a government armed with stealth fighters, drones, tanks and nuclear weapons.  Well, I shoot for enjoyment, for sport and to protect myself and my family not necessarily from the government but more likely from 6'2" 230lb killers and the like.  I am middle aged and not what I used to be physically, having a handgun in my home greatly evens the odds ever should I need to use it to solve a physical confrontation.

Equalizer par none..
"Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it."
Again I cry bullshit.  If anything owning a handgun and getting my CCW has actually helped me think more levelheaded when I get pissed off with the realization of the end game possibility that having a handgun on my person brings to any confrontation.  This constant awareness of my responsibility and also my capabilities to defend myself do not embolden me to embrace confrontation.  In fact the first rule of conflict resolution taught in almost any handgun class is to avoid confrontations in the first place.  And if handguns do indeed to as both Whitlock and Costas claim, why are our streets not running red with the blood of innocents from the millions and millions of legally purchased and owned handguns in the homes of Americans now?  How can not the same logic be extended to people who practice one of the forms of martial arts, or who have cars (road rage anyone)?  

I could take another road here and claim that the fact that Belcher played a sport based on violence for a living and may have had issues with concussions that may have contributed to this act.  But that would be bullshit as well, just as saying just because a guy is a veteran makes him a terrorist (oh wait, our own DHS did indeed publish that guideline for profiling).  

Belcher did what he did because that was his choice.  Stop trying to blame someone's bad decisions on an inanimate object Bob.  Worse yet, this entire fiasco is starting to paint Javon Belcher like he was the victim and if it had not been for the gun none of this would of happened.  Bullshit again.   Javon Belcher was a 25 year old college graduate participating professionally in a sport making over $1million dollars a year.  He had options open to him the normal person could only dream of having.  He took the cowards way out instead of trying to fix his situation or deal with it like many other people do on a daily basis.  He is not the victim here, his girlfriend and their now orphaned child are, along with coach Romeo Crannel and other people who he forced to watch him end his own life in front of.  

Bottom line, you went on national TV in front of a prime time audience and spouted a bunch of personal opinion (well not really personal since it wasn't your own material!) in lieu of any type of unbiased reporting and now people are pissed at you.  Douche worthy indeed.

Take a minute and send an email to Bob's bosses at NBC sports and let them know that you are none too pleased with your sportscasts being seeded with political messages.   My email is already sent.