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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Going to have to take a hiatus from the blogging world for about a week in order to take care of some personal stuff. Back before you know it.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Former Marine gets no jail time in NYC weapons case...

From the NY Times Post....

Ryan Jerome
The ex-Marine busted for trying to check his Indiana-registered gun at the Empire State Building got a no-jail, misdemeanor deal yesterday.
“I definitely did not know it was illegal to bring a gun into New York City,” Ryan Jerome, 29, of South Bend, said after pleading guilty in Manhattan Criminal Court, one day after nurse Meredith Graves agreed to a similar deal for trying to check her Tennessee-registered gun at the 9/11 Memorial.
Jerome had insisted he checked a gun-law reciprocity site on his smartphone, but a formatting error made it look like Indiana-registered guns are OK in New York, rather than the other way around.
“As far as Indiana goes, everybody’s grandma’s got a gun,” he joked yesterday.Jerome and Graves were initially charged with felony weapons possession, a charge that carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years in prison.

OK, I don't think the "everybody's grandma's got a gun" argument really would hold up as defense in court, but I am glad this guy didn't get punished too hard facing NYC draconian laws against private ownership of handguns...unless you know somebody high up in city government of course.

You may recall reading that Jerome went to NYC carrying a large sum of cash for business and carried a pistol for protection.  He went to the Empire State Building and attempted to ask the security guards to watch the weapon for him before he went into the building.  A couple of things seemed off about this to me...

  • I know ignorance of the law is rarely ever a proper excuse, but in this case you are a gun toting citizen from Indiana where "everybody's grandma's got a gun" and don't know about NYC and its very anti-2A mayor's stance on the issue of CCW and their laws? Really?  Even checking on his smartphone (whichever site he was one probably only listed state recipriocity agreements and didn't take into consideration local laws in NYC anyway) he should of known the legal risk carrying.
  • In what building anywhere else have you ever been able to just walk up and hand over a hand gun like you are at a coat check....unless you are a LEO going into a facility that does not allow them and check them with another LEO entity of course?  I have never come across this and would not think of doing so otherwise.

I am sure Ryan Jerome is a good guy, but just didn't use proper judgement in this case.  It can happen to any of us under the right circumstances.  I am in no way defending NYC's assault on our right to carry...but if we give them a stream of people violating their laws they will just see that as a validation of having them in the first place.  Again, the fact that licensed and responsible people carry worries them, while they will ignore the fact that criminals have them anyway.   

Veteran Inner Monologue

Can't say I can speak to everything in this video..but the ones I can I say right on target man...and the Ray Lewis joke is classic...

Huey's Manly Movie ~ Alibi fire

Sorry I know I promised to start doing the movie posts again...got side tracked on a little project in the family room this week....here's proof..

Anyways, going to repost a review that I did back before the manly movies posts that I did on Predator...yeah, Arnold and Jesse have become a bit disappointing in their golden years...but the movie itself still rocks after 25 years....

Predator...the most manly movie ever. (from 5/9/11)

What 80's Sci-Fi movie puts 2 future governors - one a champion bodybuilder and the other a former Navy SEAL and professional wrestler, a former porn star so damn crazy a bodyguard was hired to protect the other actor from him, a dude who would be the screenwriter for some of the biggest action films in Hollywood, the man who beat Rocky and a 8 foot tall homicidal alien all in the same film?


And no, I am not talking that messed up 2nd one with Danny "I-love-guns-only-in-movies-that-make-me-money" Glover and Maria Conchita Icantacta either. The original. The one and only original Predator. The movie I saw on my one night off in Infantry OSUT they gave us between when normal Basic Training would have ended and AIT begun. Predator...+11 on the manly man scale.

So manly that watching it is considered hormone therapy. So manly that I can't watch the part when they are flying into enemy territory in the helicopter without getting a woody from testosterone overexposure. So damn manly that...well hell just take a look at this pic...

Predator see us a rollin'..he be hatin'

The movie takes place in Central America, which if you were alive in the 80's knows that was a very bad neighborhood. With Honduras, Panama, El Salvador and Nicaragua being set on "dangerous" for most of the decade, any viewer at the time would of understood the guerrilla rebels in it. Also, despite its age, the special affects (which won academy awards) still stand up to the test of time. Sure some of it looks dated but not to the extent that it detracts from the move. The slight tech age looks is less distracting that a lot of the blatant CGI crap that passes in todays cinema.


Lets take a look at the movies bad ass stars to boot...see, when you start out with bad ass ingredients, bad ass results soon follow...

  • Arnold in his freakin' prime....just look at him, he's so badass that he doesn't even need a shirt, just some black vest thing in the jungle to protect him..Carl Weathers has huge arms..but look at them compared to "Dutch" below..scary, huh? Sure, some of his politics in regards to guns and ammo in Kalifornia may of sucked..but in the 80's there was scarcely an action movie made that he wasn't considered for..
  • Jesse Ventura...a former SEAL carrying a fucking MINI GUN around in the jungle...can you say "heaven help us"? His role was far too short in my honest opinion. He was a self proclaimed "god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus" little known movie fact, this was not a line in the script, Jesse didn't know the cameras were running and was just stating a fact...
  • Sonny Landham...OK, this guy was pure out nuts on the set..the film company hired him a bodyguard...to protect the other actors from him..they were supposedly too afraid to fire him...and his characters gun had its own gun as well..an shotgun on a M16...made mall ninja wet dreams for years after that..and he was bat shit crazy enough in the movie to wear a flak vest the entire time...
  • Bill Duke..a guy who made Arnold look timid standing next to him...a bad ass in the movie that needed to shave constantly because his overwhelming manliness made his beard grow while you looked at him..With one stare of those dead eyes he can freeze water and make all hope of a future disappear from you...
  • Carl Weathers...can you say Apollo Fucking Creed...guy so brash he pranced around in Red, White and blue trunks in Rocky until he got killed by Ivan Drago..again giving my generation one more reason to hate the fucking communists and tear down that damn wall...so bad ass in the movie that he carried TWO HK MP5 sub guns in the film...and we all know in the mid 80's the MP5 was known to take down airliners and small tanks with a single round...Billy Dee Williams my ass...
  • Shane Black...who?!?!...you know him as Hawkins in the film..the first guy taken out early on by the Predator...don't worry about him, in addition to getting a little acting in Black made most of his scratch by screen writing little action gems like the 1st and 2nd Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout and The Long Kiss Goodnight, as well as a not-so-great movie for Arnold called The Last Action Hero.
  • The last guy on the team....Poncho played by Richard Chaves..the guy that got messed up by the log trap..he played a great role on the team and has done some acting afterwards as well...he was like a glue that held some of the scenes together...
  • Don't forget THE PREDATOR himself...how many other folks had nightmares of this thing after watching the movie...I did. A role so demanding that Jean Claude "the Muscles from Brussles" Van Damme supposedly couldn't hack so they got a 7'2" actor named Peter Michael Hall to play it.
"I once caught a fish this big..."

So, if you haven't seen it in a while and you are feeling your manliness level may be low, go ahead and rent or watch it...NOW! DO IT NOW YOU WEAK GIRLY MAN MAGGOT!

Would you like some pepper with that?

As you may recall with had a crazed individual go ape in a building downtown here a week or so ago with a bunch of knives.  I remarked that I would of had nothing to protect myself with really if that happened in my building or if I had been nearby since guns are not allowed to be carried in most buildings downtown.

I fixed that...somewhat.  Got this..the Ruger Ultra Pepper Spray..

I have carried spray before, usually Fox that the local PD carries.  I gave both canisters away to females that I knew that needed some protection themselves.  Found this and after carrying it for a few days when I have to leave my LC9/LCP in the car I got to say I like it.  Ruger did not invent it but its rather a remarketing of a system sold by Tornado with a Ruger emblem on it.  Say what you will about Ruger copying other products as their own but I think this is legit, thats the creator there in a Ruger shirt so I am sure he is getting paid for his effort. It was at the Powder Room in stock and affordable so I bought it.

OC spray is not an end all to a conflict.  Some people are affected less by its affects than others but it is a good distraction or even a deterrent if drawn on some folks to be worth carrying.   How well does it work..well take a look at a video of me being sprayed right in the face... Oh no video...sorry, I am not naive enough to be voluntarily sprayed in the face with something 2,000,000 Scoville units in heat when I don't have to....but this guy was...actually it was a requirement of a class he took I think...I know cops and such have to have this used on them to qualify them to carry it...

Notice that even though the guy eventually lost it for a few seconds there he was able to follow his target and even train a pistol on it.  If he had been right on someone with a knife he would probably of been able to get in a few jabs...remember, you use this to bide time to escape, you still have to keep your wits and situational awareness going.

At first I thought it was a bit too complicated with a holster system and stuff but after taking the time to familiarize my self with the unit I have grown to appreciate the design.  Most spray products give you just a canister with maybe a sheath carrier or some other pouch to carry it in.  The Ruger device that I bought comes as a 3 piece unit:

  1. The spray canister itself.
  2. A safety/deployment unit that the canister fits into.
  3. A rotating belt clip to carry it with.

The innovation in this product for me is in how the device is shaped to allow you to draw it at the ready with it proper indexed and ready to use.  The safety/deployment unit is a shaped piece of plastic that the canister snaps into that blocks the plunger from being activated via plastic tabs molded on the side of the unit.  On the one side of the unit there is a hole with a plastic tab in it.  Pushing your finger in this hole and against the tab will automatically push your finger against the canister and withdraw it into your hand.  There is a molded finger groove on the canister that will naturally fall between your first and second finger and will automatically index the spray nozzle away from you.  This also is supposed to help keep the unit from being knocked out of your hand or taken from you.  There is a sliding "safety door" that does just basically keeps your finger out of the hole to avoid accidentally ejecting the canister...you can pull it out pretty easy anyway...but Ruger loves its safeties now.  BTW, this door is where Ruger brands the product with its eagle emblem.  As another side note, the tab inside the hold of the carrier still has the Tornado emblem on it.

The other part of the system I like is the rotating clip.  As opposed to wearing the unit vertically, it allows the unit to be carried horizontally so that the drawing motion may be likened to drawing a pistol.  Being that many of us have practiced this motion this is kind of a logical extension of this training and muscle memory...although the placing your finger directly into the "trigger guard hole" might (should) be counter intuitive to many of us.  This clip may also be substituted for an arm band to jog with or another unit that fits into a cars cigarette lighter /accessory power unit hole and allows for it to be deployed from a car (which I CAN legally carry a pistol in according to our Castle Doctrine law..so I'll just pass on the spray and carry one of those).
 Unit carried vertically, safety door closed.

 Unit rotated horizontally "pistol grip" style, safety door open.

Unit deployed, notice how the finger groove molding falls between my fingers and causes the unit to naturally point forward. 

The unit I got did not have a piercing siren or strobe unit. This is labeled as the "stealth" unit.  Didn't think I needed it, but if I got one of these for the wife (which I will) I will want her to have those options.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another example of cover vs. concealment....

Cardboard box....concealment....not cover...

Lets review:

  • Concealment - Any object or geographical feature that can prevent the enemy from observing you...
  • Cover - Any object or geographical feature that can prevent the enemy from observing you and provides protection against enemy fire.

Iraqi tanks in the first gulf war thought hiding behind sand berms would provide cover from American M1's ....while they did provide concealment the US tank crews used their thermals to figure out where they were and sent sabot rounds through the berms and into the tanks....see, I told you on Monday that the M1 was awesome.

Big difference there folks....for those of you with a defensive plan at home to huddle in a "safe room" just be cognizant that most drywall walls will easily be penetrated by pistol rounds...same for most doors found in the interior of homes as well.

And for what its worth, Purolator is a name I trust...unpaid advertisement there...

This "white lettering" thing...

For some reason a lot of the text on some of my posts is coming out on a white background...I don't have any clue why but it must be something happening between the browser and the Blogger interface.  I will try and figure out what it is, in the meantime please bare with me...I have my best and brightest on the issue...

Ruger LCP Lasermax...

Got the following email a few weeks ago from my friend Oliver from The Zombie Hunter Blog over in the Philippines...

Hi Pete,

I'm very happy to say that I followed your advice and got myself a brand new P3at! Its been in my front pocket every day for the past 2 months and I've already put about 400 rounds through it. I use steel pistols, but I still find it fun to shoot.

In our weekly practice, I run the little gun through one or two IPSC courses of fire just to try out various scenarios.

Only one failure to eject on my 1st 100 Armscor FMJ, and the rest was smooth sailing. I've also used various lead & teflon reloads and other fancy carry brands like Critical Defense, CorBon, MagTech, and Federal Hydra Shok, all were good.

I almost got the LCP, but the reliability, lifetime warranty and lower price of the Kel Tec sealed the deal. I've also read about the P3AT and LCP having different trigger pulls. Would you know anything about this?

The .380 VS 9mm debate is still going strong. However my nice little Kel Tec fits my lifestyle perfectly as a primary CCW gun. I've got a other long and short firearms to fill other roles anyway.

I hope my email finds you well dude. Thank you!



Great to hear that man!...oh, btw, I got an LCP again...doh!  Actually, remain calm.  You made a fine choice and saved some money in the process...plus you got some great customer service behind your product.  I have always said that the features that matter on the P3AT and LCP were basically dead nuts on and either would suit your fine for a pocket pistol type CCW.  The choice comes down to personal preference on the finish, cost or maybe even perhaps how you feel about Ruger copying the basic Kel-Tec design and re-boxing it. 

I got to say, running it through an IPSC courses is pretty ambitious for what its design for, at least as I see what it was designed for.  That kind of leads me into another theme for the remainder of this post...

OK, so let me back up a bit...

If you read this blog occasionally you may of noticed that I like these small .380 pocket guns sold by Kel-Tec and Ruger.  The pure fact that they simply disappear into a pocket makes them great for summer heat when all I wear is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  Yes, .380 is not the best caliber for self defense, but even if you don't use it as a primary CCW you have to admit the size makes it ideal for a backup.  The fact that I have owned and carried both shows I show no special favoritism to either.  Both work basically the same way and fulfill the same role.  While the LCP does have the manual slide lock, which is nice, it is not necessary for the most point.  The fit and finish on the LCP is nicer, and compliments my other primary CCW gun, the LC9, so that is why I decided to get another instead of a Kel-Tec P3AT.  Here is a short history of my pocket pistol experience...

  • P3AT - Picked it up in the initial .380 craze after the LCP came out...sold it to Woody in order to buy Kev's LCP he was selling
  • LCP with Crimson Trace Laser - Ran this gun for over a year and sold it in a moment of weakness to a friend who's wife had been beaten and mugged and wanted a small gun for her to learn to use and get licensed to carry.
  • P3AT - Felt lacking not having a deep concealment piece and picked up a used Kel-Tec for a great price one day at Vances...had extraction issues but the outstanding customer service reps at Kel-Tec got me a new extractor and spring sent out in under a week even after I explained I was not the original owner and was willing to pay for parts.  Needed some cash for another project (Springfield M1903) and Kev had a co-worker looking to pick one up so we made a deal....
  • LCP with Lasermax - Here we go again...going into warmer weather (and it has been warm much earlier than normal in Ohio this year) I was wanting another pocket gun to carry when it gets hot and I am just making a quick run to the store at night or otherwise want to carry but do not think I am going into a particularly dangerous area.  Was not looking to get one now but Vance's had a great sale on the LCP with the Lasermax unit for the same price as the base model (which they recently were out of).  

OK, so now we're all caught up....here is the newest version of the LCP from Ruger with a Lasermax centerline sighting system...

Personally, I can see why they would go to them at the price point that they are able to sell them with being lower than the Crimson Trace unit...but ultimately I think that the laser is not as good as the CT.  The big thing is I don't like the on/off switch.  On the Crimson Trace the button was on the grip so that it automatically was activated when you took control of the gun.  On the Lasermax unit its a sliding button on the side that you have to activate with your finger.  Yes, I know that if you draw with your finger indexed off the trigger like you are supposed to this should not be an issue, but it does increase the number of mechanical steps to engage your target and complicate the process somewhat.  I like the grab and go style of the CT.

But then again that point is moot to me because I simply don't think this pistol needs them.  I could be wrong, its happened before.  I simply do not foresee this accessory being a "have-to-have" type deal, maybe more of a "nice-to-have" or "cool-to-have" but not an absolute requirement.  This isn't anything new...In previous reviews I have done comparative tests with both the laser and the stock sights on the LCP and have also determined at that time that the laser was not essential to the use of the pistol.  Don't get me wrong, they have their uses like when trying to engage and attacker in an awkward position or when shooting from behind cover...but for what this particular type of pistol is designed for - self protection at bad breath range - I think that the incorporation of one is an unnecessary addition.  Of course getting this one for "free" as it was makes the issue totally moot as I can simple hold onto it until proven wrong or convinced otherwise by somebody or sell it and make the realized purchase cost of the pistol that much lower. 

What I have done to my pocket pistols is to get a dab of high visibility paint on the front ramp in order to help pick it up when the gun comes into focus...."front sight...press".   At 3 to 5 yards I can constantly get torso hits this way and that is all this pistol was really designed to do...you are not going to be clearing rooms or anything else with it...although Oliver doing IPSC with it is very intriguing...I would like to see a video of that.

And because everyone likes pictures...

 The standard Ruger cardboard box and accessories for the pistol...

 Despite the additional "bulk" of the laser unit, the LCP is still very small and concealable..

 3 things that are a necessity...training ammo, defensive ammo and a spare mag (Ruger SHOULD be giving us a 2nd for a gun marketed as a defensive pistol)

Hornady critical defense ammo is still my "go to" load for CCW 

 The LC9 is bigger by a bit over its little brother, but still easy to carry...I still prefer the LCP for pocket carry in shorts 

For what its worth, I am going to try and hang onto this one!  Nice and comforting to have my "little buddy" back!

Ruger suspends new orders

Story here..

Well, I guess they are having a good year...other than the "not being able to meet the demand of their customers needs" type thing...I am sure many businesses would envy this position...but if I can't get my hands on a SR1911 maybe a Remington R1 or other might do the trick...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ohio Vets pay attention...

I worked on a post last night for an hour and Blogger pooped and lost it all....but thankfully my friend Heather was nice enough to post a pic of herself in Vet garb that I can post....her picture is (arguably) much nicer to look at than anything I would post of myself on here....

Sorry guys, she's spoken for...and in German no less...

...and yes, that is her hat.  Heather is the lead singer for AthenA that I have profiled here on the blog and also is a fellow veteran.  Her day job while not touring Europe and the Far East with the band is working for the Ohio Department of Veterans Services.  This agency was formed a few years back combining veteran services offered from various sources within the state into a central resource for vets to tap into.  If you're a veteran in Ohio and need some help with establishing or obtaining veteran benefits look them up on the web at


And thank you to all veterans!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hardcore dessert....

hmmm...not exactly what I remember from the Army...

"Ranger" Food used to describe any combination of items that someone would throw together to maximize the uses of a MRE pouch.  The name stemmed from the soldiers that underwent Ranger School that were often limited to one MRE per day and would eat every last bit of it, even finding ways to use condiments to get every calorie of energy out of the pack.

Between Mountain and Jungle phase is the culinary arts portion of the training schedule...

Two of the favorite recipes were that for "Ranger pudding" and "Ranger Cookies"...(courtesy of Maryland Shooters Forum)

Ranger Pudding
1 MRE packet of cocoa beverage powder
1 MRE packet of coffee creamer
1 MRE packet of sugar (optional)

Mix together creamer, powder and sugar. Add water and stir.

Ranger Cookie
1 coffee creamer packet
1 packet of sugar

Open both sugar and creamer packet. Add the sugar into the creamer packet, shake it thoroughly, and then fold it up together. Heat the packet over the book of matches until the contents have melted. Let it cool. You should have a caramelized cookie.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 finale...

Wow, well folks wanted zombies...and last night they got them!!

All I can say is what a waste of ammo!  Driving around shooting out the windows at masses of walkers like you were in some East LA street gang...if you knew how many were coming and you had you cars already to go you should of thrown your go bags in them and hit the accelerator.  Oh wait, for all of their experiences they still act like they are in some gypsy caravan and have stuff all over the place...except for Andrea..my girl. Once again the argument is made that the most important thing to pack in a zed holocaust is a good red neck and plenty of ammo.

We said goodbye to two characters I hardly cared enough about....Jimmy, who I couldn't even remember and Patricia who obviously was blind not to see walkers right next to her like that.... I don't think next season will miss them...

Oh yeah, and you get a glimpse of some bad ass chick in a cloak with a sword and two arm less walkers chained to her...this is Michonne..apparently a major character to be introduced next season, along with a prison....all in the comics I haven't read.

Well, got to wait until fall now to find out more!

Heavy Metal Monday #1 - M1 Abrams and Quiet Riot

OOPS! Sorry, meant for this to auto publish at 7am..had it set for 7pm!  

New feature...Heavy Metal Mondays...I pair a piece of military hardware with some classic metal or hard rock from my life...

Today, the M1 Abrams Tank and Quiet Riots Metal Health...

The M1 first took shape in the late 60's and Early 70's as NATO looked to standardize their MBT force against the massive Soviet armored might peering over the iron curtain at them.  The project was a joint effort between the major powers in NATO, The US, Great Britain and (West at the time) Germany.  Britain dropped out early and Germany after the US cancelled the project in 1971.  While the Brits went on with their Chieftan and the Germans with the Leopard family of MBT..the US went on to develop what is arguably the most lethal tank of it time...

Replacing the aging M-60  and M-48 tanks in service the, M1 drew upon lessons learned in WW2, Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere around the world in its design.  Facing a numerically superior threat from the Soviets operating on their own continent, and the US projecting force from across the Atlantic, the American design borrowed a page from the German playbook in WW2 and sacrificed numbers for quality of features in its design.  

Powerplant:  The M1 did away with the old diesel engines of previous designs and incorporated a 1,500 hp turbo engine with a six speed (4 forward, 2 reverse) automatic transmission to obtain a max governed speed of 45mph...with that pesky governor removed speeds in excess of 60mph are possible.  This power is linked to a "fly by wire" control system to ease both the training and fatigue of the driver in operating the vehicle. The engine will consume quite a bit of fuel (as will most tanks) but is capable of using diesel, Kerosene, MO Gas (regular gas) or JP4/JP8 aviation fuel if need be to help in replenishing its tanks in a drawn out logistical chain.  Also the "power pack" itself on the tank is designed to be replaced in the field (by maintenance troops).

Armor:  The M1 uses advanced Chobham armor to provide excellent protection to the crew.  The front of the vehicle and turret get the most armor of course, but the sides and rear are also well protected for a tank of its class.  The engine exhaust is not at the rear of the tank as on some designs, but on the rear deck, so there is no "sweet spot" on the vehicle for a quick engine kill by dismounted infantry with LAW type weapons.  There are other no so readily observable measures to... The turret has an ammo storage system that separates the crew compartment from the ammo stores except when loading, its also equipped with blow out panels so if rounds in storage do get hit and explode the force is directed outside of the vehicle and not directly against the crew. All tanks are primarily designed to fight in open terrain against other tanks, urban or low intensity conflicts (such as in Iraq) present an distinct challenge to the tank as it allows all sorts of folks to get close enough to it and at high enough angles to bring fire down on the thinner top and side armor from close range.  To combat this the Army has fielded both slat and reactive armor kits to give our troops a better chance against these threats.

Firepower:  Oh Yeah...how does a 120mm smooth bore cannon, .50 M2 MB, a coax 7.62 and another in a turret mount sound to you?  Pretty damn good, now lets pair that main gun and coax with a laser ranging and targeting system that gives the ability to shoot on the move that is second to none, a electronic communication package that gives up to the minute intel on enemy locations and the ability to see in the day, night, fog, smoke and anything else you can think of...yeah, you get the point.

The Crew:  Probably the most lethal part of the tank.  The US tanker is among the best in the world and receives outstanding training both inside and outside of his tank.  The team that comprises the crew of the M1 consists of the following members.

  1. Tank Commander: Responsible for the overall performance of the vehicle and its crew.  Navigates and communicates with other friendly forces.  Directs the driver. Observes and identifies threats and assigns targets to the crew.   He can override the gunner and engage targets if need be.  He has a .50 M2 MG at the top of the tank from his hatch.  He is the "brains" of the tank...
  2. Gunner:  Targets the main gun and coax 7.62 and engages targets as directed by the TC.  Calculates lead on targets using laser range systems.  Performs maintenance on the main gun and systems. 
  3. Loader: Loads the main gun, manages ammo.  Mans 7.62 MG from his hatch against dismounted targets if needed.  This position was eliminated from some Soviet designs in favor of an automatic loader. We kept it as the loading of rounds my a skilled loader can be as quick as an automatic loader and gives another crewman to aid in maintenance of the vehicle. 
  4. Driver:  Drives the tank from a position in the front slope of the armor, when buttoned up he almost reclines on his back in the chair.  

All of the members of this team must work in unison in order for the tank to "come alive" on the battlefield.

I was never a tread head in an M1..tracks yes, tanks no...but man, who hasn't thought at least once in their life about firing that damn gun!!

And I would like to pair that up with Metal Health from Quiet Riot...why?  Why not!!  This is from the ,83 "US" festival..great performance, catches all of the over the top spandex madness that was 80's hair band goodness!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I got some Irish blood in me...hell, today EVERYBODY has a little in them.  I am on antibiotics right now so green beer is not in the cards for me today....lets see if I can still get in the spirit...

(Foliage) Green hat and green shirt.....check

Green CETME, Green AR....check

Celtic tattoo with my daughter's Irish sounding name....check....

Seems like the tradition is upheld this year....

And please, from a previous post...notice the addition of facial hair...wife hates it...shooters love it...and in red none the less on St. Patty's Day!

Have fun and be safe tonight folks...remember, guns and alcohol never mix!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Teach your children well....

"Teach your children well,
Their father's hell did slowly go by"

I am sure CS&N would be crapping bricks to know the context I quoted that song in...but hey, I was also in the Ohio National Guard and I think they sang a song about that also with some help from Neil Young...

Anyway, remember back this fall when I posted about a local 4-H exhibit a county fair that I visited and how impressed I was with the amount of firearm related projects on display?  No?  Well, click here to check out that post.  I spoke of how I was pleased to see so many kids learning correctly to safely use and enjoy firearms at a young age.  When my daughter gets old enough for that in 4-H you bet I will be helping her with that.  The age for that project I believe is 12 years to be able to do it.  I know that there are a lot of you out there that probably held you first gun before that. Maybe it was given as a Christmas or Birthday present of a .22 to go squirrel or rabbit hunting with Dad or another family member?  Maybe a youth .410 to start shooting clays with? Maybe just a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock.  Whatever the reason, 12 is not the "absolute" minimum age for a lot of folks to introduce their kids to firearms.

How about 3 or 4 year olds?  Check this out (thanks to EDNDO for finding this)...

 Of course the first thing that strikes me is the term "live guns"....OMG WEAPONS HAVE BECOME SENTIENT BEINGS!! QUICK DESTROY SKYNET!!   You would think that maybe she is talking about guns with ammo loaded, but a minute later she explains the guns at no time have ammo in them...oh well, it was a good video so I can overlook a little media ignorance.

This takes place at a martial arts school in Boise, Idaho so it has two things going for it.  First, its in a school that teaches a skill that is dangerous to begin with and is normally taught to children with a ample emphasis on learning responsibility and control.  This is just a logical extension.  Secondly, its in Idaho which is a much more gun friendly state and area that say California, New York or Chicago...where a story like this on the news would be almost unheard of.   

"What children...and GUNS..why...they'll explode on contact with them!!"   ~ Typical Anti-Gunner

Well, no they won't explode, spontaneously burst into flames, melt, disintegrate or otherwise die, no more so than with any other dangerous item we have in our home....IF they are taught to respect and give it its proper due caution. 

We teach our kids about dangerous stuff all the time.   Stay away from fire...don't run with scissors...don't play in the street...don't talk to strangers....don't eat that...don't drink that.... Its what we are supposed to do as parents.  Just because we tell them what not to do doesn't mean that we don't expect them to eventually use those things when they know how to responsibly and safely do so.  Otherwise we would not have backyard cookouts and a lot of other fun stuff. 

Here is a pic of my Facebook and WTA friend Jesse...yes that Jesse... with his boy recently on a trip in the wilds of Arizona where he lives...notice anything?

Here let me point it out for you in case you miss it looking at that beautiful scenery behind them...

Yep, that's the barrel of an AK...please notice in the picture that his kid is not panicing or exploding.  "But why would he need that?" you may be asking yourself.  Here's a picture of Jesse's lovely wife...

Right where this picture was taken they found the carcass of a deer kill, one that looked like it had been killed by a mountain lion...or maybe a sasquatch, I don't know which but either way an obviously dangerous predator lived nearby.  So the AK makes sense in this context for two reasons...

#1.  Against an animal that is as quick and dangerous as a mountain lion I would want a honest to goodness .30 rifle that fired as fast as I needed it to...
#2. If it was your family in those pictures wouldn't you want a damn AK to protect them as well?

In any case the weapon is a "tool"...Say it with me... a T-O-O-L...those of you lurking on here from the Brady campaign may have a hard time comprehending this so I will say it slower.....T....O....O....L.   Even though many of us view them as objects of beauty and engineering marvel, when it comes down to it a firearm is a tool...a very dedicated and efficient tool, but a tool none the less.  Like any other tool in the house its use should be taught properly to our children -when they are age appropriate according to maturity and other factors - and the "mystique" and "cool factor" mitigated for them to want to "play" with them later.

Teach your children folks, I am not going to tell you when and where is the right time, that's you job as parents...but teach them right and make it stick.

I mean really, do it right before you kid has to experience this .....