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Friday, December 14, 2012

Brady Bunch sues Armslist....I am underwhelmed...

The anti-gun, anti-freedom group The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence is suing the online firearms listing service Armslist.com over the death of a young women whose killer illegally purchased the firearm used in her murder from a lister on the site.

Story by The Huffington Post (yeah, I know).

Well, as you may remember, I use Armslist from time to time, along with Gunlistings.org and other resources to buy and sell firearms that I am looking to get rid of or acquire.  You get better prices for sales than you would get otherwise selling to a gun store and as long as you do everything buy the book its just a private sale between 2 individuals.  One of my biggies is always trying to deal with somebody who can produce an Ohio CCW card, which tells me that he is for certain a resident of my state and that he has passed a background check.
Pistol used by Squeaky Fromme in the assassination attempt on President
Gerald R. Ford.  She did NOT buy in on Armslist.com....just threw it in here
'cause its a 1911...
In this case the person selling the firearm obviously knew he was doing it illegally as the killer paid him $200 to "look the other way" during the sale (the killer was a Canadian that bought the gun from another state from which he resided and also was underaged).  The seller was convicted of the act and sentenced to jail for selling the firearm illegally.   The thing that stood out to me was that the guy traveled from Chicago to Washington to buy a gun?  Wow, this guy was motivated and stupid all at the same time.  It also proves that you can make guns virtually impossible to acquire (as in Chicago) but yet criminals will go to extreme lengths to get one.  What I thought was really wrong is that (info found in another article) that this woman knew she was in danger and when the killer attacked her all she had to defend herself with was a cup of coffee....I wonder if she herself had been armed if this could have ended differently.  Again, being an unarmed citizen in a city that virtually makes it impossible to arm yourself surely did heavily weigh the odds in the killers favor.

Also this brings up a few other points (least among them is that she initiated a relationship with a 17 year old when she was 33).  So if this lawsuit goes to court and stands, does that mean that cars sold to people who use them in conjunction of a crime can used to sue the sellers or the automakers themselves?  Same goes for computers and other items sold on places like Craigslist, if used for crimes, can Craigslist be sued?  Speaking of Craigslist, I know they have removed their "escort" adds after the "Craigslist Killer" case, but did they ever get sued?  If not I hope the family of those victims is taking note.  In the Armslist suit here the only thing the site did was to provide the weapon, the Craigslist killing the site actually helped arrange the meeting between the victim and killer....interesting.

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