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Monday, October 15, 2012

It's the Time of the Season...Season 3 that is of The Walking Dead

Season 3 of AMC's acclaimed horror-drama The Walking Dead premiered last nigh (tonight as I write this).....just a few thougths....#1....WIN!

Where Season 2 opened at what I (and many) thought was a sluggish pace after the initial zombie herd (which comes into play in season 3), season 3 opens a bit quicker in the pace with the survivors having lived on the run apparently for several months constantly on the move.  They learned about herds real quickly at the end of season 2! They stop after having to leave a house they just cleared because more zeds show up and you learn as they look over a map (military topographical I might add) that the zombies have gone to moving in herds across the country and multiple herds joining up could mean that they get surrounded.

Luckily, while hunting Rick and Daryl find this...a prison

Yeah a prison.  Remember in season 1 when Rick goes back to his station house/jail with the man and his son (which I expected to pop back into the story line but never did...I liked them) that had its own power and gas supply, had some arms and ammo, plenty of gates and fences?  Me too, I wondered why the hell would you leave that place in a zed apocalypse.  Places designed to keep people in also tend to also keep people...and zombies...out.  Rick decides to claim it as their own and take the yard so that they could have some security.  Great idea, matter of fact one of the best that he has had.  The remainder of the show splits time 90/10  between Rick and his group attempting to take the prison and the other story line with Michonne (the black girl with the ninja sword and chained zombies) and Andrea.  They will all meet up later I am sure...I know a bit about the comic book (oh sorry..."graphic novel") story line the show is based on but not enough to spoil the series for me.
For those that were wondering what was up with those two dead guys....she isn't a necrophile

Some more thoughts about the first show...

Time...the story line conveniently picks up several months after we last saw the group  (Lori is shown very pregnant at this point), which allows them to add in material and items conveniently (please also reference the third season of HBO's Boardwalk Empire).  I am not against this practice, just seems very "convenient" at times..."oh lookie, they have an AK now along with an AR with a EOTech and...oh my...SILENCED pistols!" One is a Ruger silenced with a Maglite flashlight!  Got a laugh tonight when a friend pointed that out!  Maybe in that time they had we didn't see they found a machine shop and made it work....I've heard of weapon mounted lights but geez....

Melee weapons....wow, its like a video game now where everyone has their own melee weapon and primary...like they were going to make a video game or something out of the show (wink wink).  More importantly they are using them...there is no need to go all bang-bang on a few slow walkers when you can simply bash them in the gourd silently and move on...please reference Michonne and her big sword.   I was so happy when they got the bright idea (actually Rick did this in the 2nd season when him and Shane (RIP) went to that that school to let their prisoner go) to bait zeds to a fence than then jab them in the head through the openings in the chain link...now you're using your heads!
Glen says "screw this running in the open being walker bait shit! Gonna take him out Moe Howard style!"
Personally, my favorite zed melee weapon for me would still be the war hammer....put a 12" spike on top of it and it would be a perfect zombie dispatcher!!  You got both a hammer and a spike to cave in their brains and a long enough reach to keep them away from you.  Put that spike on top and even if you didn't hit their brain, the hammer head and reverse spike would keep the zombie from running down the shaft at you...so you could effectively pin one against a tree or something while you comrade brains it for you.

The Prison.  Like I said before, good idea.  Even an old National Guard armory or county lock up would provide more security than holing up in some house with multiple windows at ground level designed to easily open up and stuff (like maybe a farmhouse Herschel...you dipshit). While Rick claims that the prison would have medical supplies, weapons and other stuff they needed (as if the staff there would not of tried to procure that stuff when they realized the end of the world was happening).  "T-Dog" points out at one point that they killed a "civilian" when entering the place ( a woman in neither guard nor inmate garb) so the inside might be contaminated by walkers from the outside.  Hmmm, guess he doesn't know that not everyone that works in a prison is a guard or inmate trustee.  There are plenty of "civilians" in the administrative areas as secretaries and such.  Still, I see his point but don't buy into it too much.   They show walkers locked into cells.  That had to suck..starving to death after your guards ran away or were eaten and then turning into a zed (since the virus or whatever is apparently in the water or air).  Still, taking the prison seems to be a good move on their part...I just think they were doing too much too soon.  Capture a portion..make sure its secure and move on.  Oh, and BTW to the writers, nice job with the carabiners and chains to secure the fences...I like that.   Oh yeah, at the end of the show we find out the group has some new non-walker playmates now too!

Marksmanship.  As last season, this group of folks are incredibly accurate with weapons while making 100 yard head shots using pistols and rifles from the tops of towers and stuff....even when not using the sights!! Man, I got to get to that training school!!
Carol got her marksmanship training from the Iraqi Police training academy...before each shot she closes her eyes and says "Insh'Allah" before sending a round downrange (and at the feet of Rick!)
Other characters.  I have already gone over Michonne a bit, but there are a few other major characters to be introduced this season apparently...and a reintroduction of....MERLE (now with Evil Dead style arm!!)

A few months ago I was down on the entire zed craze, I rebounded a bit since then and with what looks to be a fairly good season ahead I am setting my DVR for this season!

Oh yeah, to tie into the title...great "old" song!!  By zombies!


Huey said...

Damn, just realized I never mentioned anything about Herschel being bit...well...HE GOT BIT!!

DarrenS said...

Show has officially jumped the shark with the Season 3 premier. Guns that don't recoil, semi-auto pistols with slides that don't move as they are being shot, revolvers with non-rotating cylinders, yet still shooting in DA. It's like they just completely gave up on any semblance of realism and CGI'd all the gunshots. Totally lame...

Don't even get me started on the Mag-Lite "suppressor".

Huey said...

ah yes...the Freddie Wong school of gunfight CGI has apparently been fully embraced...how did I miss that...still, liking the way that they primary group did finally finding someplace defendable and taking a stand...not sure I am going to like the way the upcomming plot moves towards where I know its going...I would rather just remain the small group vs. the horde type set up...