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Friday, October 26, 2012

If you thought GO1 was strict, check out the Norks...

As a point of reference for the uninformed, General Order Number 1, or GO1 for short, is a set of restrictions imposed upon service members involved in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and also previously in Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq, as well as any other contingency operation location in CENTCOM (Kuwait, Djibouti, ect).  It bans, among a host of other activities, the possession or consumption of alcohol by US personnel.  This is in start contrast to some past conflict (Vietnam) where there was actually at times a beer issue for R&R purposes! This is not to say consumption of said alcohol did not happen (wink wink), nor that it did not occur at times with a blind eye by leadership.  But, by regulation the violation of said GO1 could mean some serious repercussions on the offender, to include loss of pay, rank and even a discharge in some cases.  However, at no time was a violation of the non-drinking restriction a death penalty offense.

Not so in North Korea...(click to link to article).

F you Hans Brix.....
I actually had to read this twice to make sure I was reading what I was processing in my brain.  A general officer in North Korea was executed by a mortar for drinking during a mandatory 100 day mourning period following the death of "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il.  Yep, that's right, not a firing squad (which apparently has been used frequently too), but by mortar squad!

Literally the last thing that may have gone through General Yong-Chol's head before he died...
A mortar is a large caliber artillery piece that fires indirectly, that is instead of aiming straight at a target, it fires so that the round arcs and impacts from the top down and not the front.  Its normally manned by a crew of 3-5 soldiers and is fired as part of a battery under the supervision of a Fire Direction Control (FDC) section. Usually, the fire direction is more accurate that this...

Mortars can fire a high explosive, smoke, illumination or other rounds against both mounted and unmounted troops, fortifications and other structures.  Due to its indirect, arcing flight pattern it can often hit targets on the defilade (reverse slope) of an geographic or other obstruction.  Mortarmen (11C in the Army and 0341 in the Marines) often use the moniker "High Angle Hell" when describing their profession.

The common US M252 81mm mortar.  The red and white stakes are aiming stakes use to deflect and elevate the tube from a known point to shift fires to where needed and then bring the tube back to a know point again. 
Mortars are usually "man portable" in medium calibers and thus are used as the infantryman's own internal artillery assets in most units. Due to some cross training and personnel shortages in the guard,  I myself have gotten to work with them and even drop a few rounds over the years.  I have to say that while there is a lot of work that goes into getting those set up, sighted in and working, once the rounds go downrange to the target its all good!

Here "The Gunny" gets a quick lesson on the M252's operation from some Marines...good info here.

Well, back now to the Norks.

After "Dear Leader's" demise, his son Kim Jong-un - who looks like he is a distant Korean cousin of Honey Boo Boo's mama - decreed that there would be a 100 day mandatory mourning period for his father where people would be required to cry and prostrate (no, that's not the internal man organ, look it up) themselves in front of his funeral procession...or else.  And no, I am not making that up.  I don't drink or do drugs to come up with messed up leadership like that.  Apparently, this "no fun" rule was also a good excuse for some good 'ol fashioned communist style purgin' and killin' under some (most likely) bogus charges. For the normal Nork living in their government apartment or shack trying to suck down a little rice and some spoiled cabbage it meant being sent to labor camps to work for "the people".  For bigger fish - like our General below - it meant a bit harsher sentence...like death.  Now, normally the Norks and other Chicom types are pretty practical about this sort of thing.  They have your monkey trial in the morning and then take you out back and put a AK up to your head and its all over.  They then send a bill to your family for the bullet along with notification that you have been killed (at least in China and probably Norkland as well).  For some reason this guy must of really pissed off "Honey Boom Boom" there and got himself sentenced to the best seat in an impact area in order to follow little bitch boy's orders to execute him with "no trace of him behind, down to his hair,".  Ouch.

General Kim Yong-Chol circled, dude, you should have so stayed in that 12 step program...
Don't feel sorry for the poor shlub that had to stand there and get blasted though.  General Kim Yong-Chol was responsible for the sinking of South Korean corvette by a submarine (ship, not the hot rod) in 2010, the ROKS Cheonan, with the deaths of 47 South Korean sailors (46 on the ship and one diver during recovery efforts).   So I guess in a manner of speaking, what goes around comes on down....from the end of a mortar tube in the case.  Boy, karma is truly a bitch...probably an 82mm Chicom manufactured bitch in this case!

Only the Norks!!

And this is how you create an impact area....just imaging all of the talking in Norkanese and you can almost feel like you were really there!  Oh yeah, starve your population and subvert their freedoms as well also helps...

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