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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Squatchin' ain't easy.....

My reality allows for the existence of Bigfoot.  There, you heard it right from my mouth.  Sure I would say there is a lot of logic against arguing against their existence and I have never seen one myself.  But, given the number of sightings out there and the character of some of the people giving the testimony, I got to allow a small chance that there is actually something to this cryptozoological stuff.
Bigfoot?!?!  I'm Chewbacca bitch!
TV and cable know there is a curiosity about these hairy ape man creatures among its viewer and over the years has provided a variety of shows, both "investigative" and entertainment, and movies with Bigfoot (or Sasquatch or Yeti or Abominable Snowman or whatever) as the center of the story or plot.

Anybody remember these guys? Hint: The answer is worth $6 million....
Although I like movies, I have always been more into the "investigative" shows such as "In Search Of", "Monster Quest" and "Finding Bigfoot"  The "Finding Bigfoot" crew even did a show right here in Ohio about  our famous "Grassman" creature that supposedly roams the Eastern and Southern hills and forests of our state.

Despite most scientists rejecting any theory that a large, ape like creature could exist alongside of humans and remain undetected for so long, there are those that keep the legend alive...sometimes going a bit too far.

A few weeks ago a guy was killed when he was hit by a car while trying to prank people into thinking they had just seen a 'Squatch.  Alcohol, not surprisingly, was suspected as a contributing factor to his demise.  The deceased had decided to forgo the expense of purchasing a gorilla or other ape like costume and instead decided to wear a Ghillie suit.  A what?

A ghillie suit is a type of 3-D camo outfit sometimes worn by hunters and the military for blending into the environment.  Its generally constructed by attaching strips of cloth or netting to a garment and then trimming them to layer the material to present a blobbing or shaggy appearance.  They are used extensively by snipers and other specialties that require that the individual be as stealthy as possible.  I, personally, have never worn or had the need to wear one, per se, but I did often carry a small bag with green and brown burlap strips cut to 1' and 2' lengths that I would often weave in my helmet and web gear while in the field for camo.  I did it because I knew what ghillie suits were and more importantly, burlap didn't wither and turn brown a few hours after you applied it in the heat and sun like vegetation did in a K-pot cover.
hey look! A tree with a rifle!
Back in "the day" soldiers of the Army's 7th "Bayonet" Infantry Division (AKA the "black widows" or "the 7th Light and Deadly") wore a unique "rag top" helmet camo on their issued kevlar helmets by SOP consisting of strips of either BDU material or burlap.  It was a distinctive trait that many of the soldiers (unsuccessfully) tried to take with them to other units upon PCS (permanent change of station - reassignment).
This is how we rolled in the 80's baby!
Why this guy would of worn one of these suits is beyond me, well...there is the alcohol component of the incident I guess to account for.   When worn properly and remaining motionless (like after being hit by the first car and lying in the road waiting for the 2nd to run you over) an individual in a ghillie suit may be almost totally undetectable....and not mistaken for a sasquatch.  Here is a bit on how the US Army trains snipers to make them at the sniper school at Ft. Benning, GA.

Oh, and for you militia wannabes out there trolling, be aware that while a ghillie suit may provide superior visual camo, it sucks when it comes to thermal camo...matter of fact in many conditions it will get hotter under the fabric than the surrounding air and actually cause it to be a thermal bloom if someone has the right type of viewer.  Now that I am thinking....I wonder if they can add a thermal reflecting property to that material that they use....hmmmm

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