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Sunday, September 9, 2012

For Cruffers...a phoenix rises from the ashes...

A while back I posted my lamentation over the demise of the magazine "Surplus Firearms".  I was actually pretty bummed out that the magazine would no longer be available for me to pick up when sent to the occasional gallon of milk or other quick trip to the local Krogers.

Well, a pleasant surprise tonight.  Harris Publications is launching a new magazine to fill the surplus firearm void left by "Surplus Firearms".....

Present Military Surplus

This mag, out of the gate, has covered all the basics for a collector or someone interested in picking up one of these military veterans.  Among the reviewed arms are the following:

  • US M-1 Garand
  • US M-1 Carbine
  • US M1903 Springfiled
  • German K-98
  • Yugo M-48
  • US 1911 Pistol
  • Russian T-33 Tokarev Pistol
  • Russian Mosin-Nagant M91/30
  • German P-38 Pistol
  • Swiss K-31 
  • US M1917 revolver
  • ....And much more!

I am pretty psyched about this mag at this point with just one issue in my hand.  The truth is, some of the articles in Surplus Firearms got recycled from time to time and the articles in this new rag are fresh and the photography is pretty damn outstanding.   I encourage all of you to at least page through it at the store if given the chance and preferably buy a copy to keep it going.

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RetRedhat said...

Got one at major bookstore Sawmill and 161 this afternoon around 4:00pm. Agree with you and like the artical on the M91/30