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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another run with the Posse...

Hit the range for some camping and shooting with the Posse last week, that group of mostly retired Ohio National Guard folks, their family and friends I sometimes shoot with.  What a great time.  As per our usual SOP we set up camp and stayed overnight on Thursday to sit around a campfire, swap stories, update each other on things, discuss firearms, politics, sports and just about any other subject under the sun.  Friday we got up and, after breakfast,  we set up our range targets, had a safety brief and starting putting steel on target.

FOB Posse
It is still kind of surreal sometimes to be sleeping in tents around guys that up until a few years ago would of all been crashing on the ground wrapped up in ponchos and poncho liners.  Still, I have no complaints and am actually thinking about doing some more camping with my family (hopefully) or by myself.  There is something about being in the woods that just makes me smile inside.  Don't get me wrong, I like my creature comforts and am not going to be one of these bush craft guys that goes into the woods with nothing more than  a bandanna and mora knife, I will be well equipped.  If you like that stuff though, check out fellow Buckeye,  and co-host of the Discovery Channel's show Dual Survival, Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder School, located in Southern Ohio.  Word of caution, his advanced courses are not for the queasy as you may very well have to kill your dinner with your own hands.

I got up early to get a fire built from the still glowing embers
of the one from the night before.  There is just something about
sitting there in the cool morning air by the warmth of the
fire that just makes me reflect on all that is still good with
this otherwise messed up world we live in.  

Casa de Huey
I like to think that the Posse runs about as safe a range as can be run by a bunch of civilians.  Big thing is that we stress safety and we mutually trust one another not to do the wrong things around firearms.  This leads to a greater amount of enjoyment for all.  I can remember many times I have left our state firing range in Delaware, Ohio due to some yahoos on the line doing their own thing and not paying attention to the safety of others. (sorry buddy, if I am down range adjusting my targets after getting a cease fire and I turn around and you are meat pawing your Glock I am going to get up in your shit!).

This firing line is definitely ready...
Well, what did I shoot worth mentioning this time around...lets see.  Oh yeah, I got to shoot a model 1873 Springfield Trapdoor rifle in .45-70!  You want to talk about cool!  Not only was this the first actual .45-70 I have gotten to shot, but it was in one of the first firearms specifically designed for it!
Don't ever mistake age for inefectiveness...
What a neat gun, so full of history.  If you have read about the battle of Little Big Horn where Custer made his famous (and some would argue fatally stupid) Last Stand, this was the rifle those Cav troopers died holding.  It's a neat design as the breach block actually flips on a hinge over the top of the weapon, hence the name "Trapdoor".  Overall its a very interesting design and when you shoot it the .45-70 very authoritatively lets you know its left the building...just like you know who...

"Ladies and Gentlemen.....the .45-70 has left the building!"
 There were the normal mix of both old and new weapons, plain old shooters and a few exotic pieces.  In general, members of the Posse like old wooden service rifles and this time was no exception.  I brought both my 1903 and M1 for folks to shoot and also got a chance to fire some other military memories that could still go "boom" when asked to do so!
Oh yeah, I did bring another new addition to the gun locker worth mentioning....a Springfield Armory Loaded M1A!  Totally bought on impulse this rifle is now the love of my life.  You hear people talk about man and rifle becoming one, I now have a glimpse into what they are talking about.  This is a beautiful rifle, walnut and steel, cold and warm all at the same time.  When I hold it I feel almost like you can take on any obstacle it may be called onto engage.  Sure its heavy compared to an AR, but it also shoots a honest-to-God actual full power rifle round.  General George Patton is often quoted as saying the M1 was the finest battle instrument ever devised by man, I think he would of revised that opinion had he lived long enough to shoot a M14 (which is what the semi-automatic M1A is directly based off of).  I will do a more thorough review of this rifle later, but for now lets just say that it puts rounds where I want them consistently. 
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...hate me because I can tag your ass out to 800 meters...
Overall a great time was had.  I had to leave early on Friday for personal reasons, but I can hardly wait to make up for that lost time our next excursions to the beautiful hill region of Southeastern Ohio!

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This reminds of whole scenario when last year me and my friends went for camping,we had alot of fun there and done shooting as well. And at the end i lost my favorite Gun there.