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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

X-ray marks the spot...

You may remember (probably not) that I did a very favorable review on the Ruger SR9 almost 2 years ago...  I really liked the way the pistol felt in the hand and it shot well. I basically see it as a improvement on the basic Glock design that is way more comfortable to shoot....matter of fact...somebody remind me again why I don't own one?  (You know, being a Ruger whore and all).  I guess maybe if I wasn't already investing in Glock pistols due to my cost on them and magazines I had already bought I might own them.
The SR9 in its "natural" state

Anyway, over at We The Armed, member Jesse (yes, that Jesse!) had access to an X-ray scanner and his SR9 that he carries at the same time...the results are pretty awesome!
And the SR9 "naked" as seen on film after being bombarded with X-rays...

What you should take from this is the degree to which polymers are used in modern pistol design.   Also, you can see how some of the metal parts that are normally hidden in the frame line up in use.  Pretty damn cool pic.  I asked Jesse to X-ray a whole bunch of stuff, I hope he can deliver!

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