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Friday, July 20, 2012

WTF is a "Bronie"?

There is apparently a group or social culture of grown men that grew up watching the 80's kid show "My Little Pony" that call themselves "Bronies".  No shit.  I don't get it, but what the hell, that's their business.  Like other hobbies and interests they attend conventions that feature these multi-colored horses and stuff.  Again, whatever floats your boat...

Again, WTF?

And apparently from the 2,000+ "likes" on a Facebook page entitled "Military Bronies" show that there are more than a few in service as well.  Again, whatever.  The military is made up of a diverse group of individuals with different tastes and hobbies.  What is important is that when it comes time to work as a TEAM, everybody is on the same page and puts the mission first.  Anyway, the following pic is making the rounds on the internet....


Unless the 42nd "Rainbow" Infantry Division, New York Army National Guard, has modified its patch, I would say that is an unauthorized patch on his uniform.

Definitely NOT a bronie patch!
Now, there's this book in the Army, its called AR (Army Regulation) 670-1.  It covers all sorts of stuff on the wear and appearance of the US Army uniforms and personal appearance.  Its been a few years since I had to look up anything in it, but I seriously doubt if the wearing of such a patch is authorized.  No, I am pretty damn SURE that it isn't.  Now, some online are calling for this kid's head on a silver platter.  I think that is a bit overkill.  Maybe some old fashioned "woodshed" counseling...or at least some formal written counseling is in order here for sure.

But before we jump to conclusions, a few questions need to be asked...

  • Was this guy an actual member of the Army in any active or other TPU status?  I have not been able to find anything denying this guy was, but that "Free Speech over Stolen Valor" decision still means any meat head can grab a uniform and put it on....although the lack of typical poser uniform candy leans towards authenticity.
  • Whats the story of the pic itself?  Was the guy an actual "Bronie" or was he just taking his daughter there directly after drill and slapped a patch on for a quick picture that got blown out of proportion on the internet?

Screw that....just looked it up some more.  Our boy "Darius" here is in the National Guard and went there in uniform with a friend with the patch already affixed.  I am sure there are multiple violation of 670-1 here now.  Not enough for an Article 15 (non-judicial punishment, the step below the "courts martial" everyone is familiar with) I think, but definitely needs to be addressed by his chain of command I hope.

You know, since the introduction of the ACU and the velcro patch policy, there have been a lot of "joke" patches created that have been slapped on uniforms from time to time.  There is a big difference though between putting a "drive it like you stole it" or "pork eating crusader" patch on your uniform for a few laughs while on duty for a minute and then taking it off to presenting yourself in public in uniform like that.  Sorry, Darius, you lose.  I am all for personal expression, even in the military, but one of the things that keeps all of you (I would say "us" but being a member of the retired reserve isn't the same) on that same page when the times comes to work as a TEAM and put the mission first is adherence to regulations.

Just to show you I am not afraid in my glass house,
I have posted this before of me with a "BOHICA" tab
on my ACU sleeve, NEVER worn in public though..

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