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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Monday, July 9, 2012

There's big...and there's OMG!

Got to do a little shooting today at a new friend's place here in Central Ohio.  This individual follows the blog and FaceBook page and he and I have other interests in common as well.   He has got a great little range set up behind his house that I must admit causes a case of "range envy" thinking about it.
Its like a freakin' gun orgy....
Another friend of mine from work also knows him and came out to play today as well.  Among the many wondrous things he brought was a Ruger .480 revolver...big ass revolver I should point out.  Seriously, you miss with all six shots and you still have a legitimate chance to club your target to death with this thing.  This is a hunting cartridge capable I would think of taking most large game and surely all medium sized game. It launches a 320gr bullet at over 1,300fps from its barrel with over 1,300 lbs/ft of force.  That will leave a mark!  How big is the round?  Well here it is (on the right, duh) next to a .45 ACP....looks like a .45 next to a .380 in size comparison, doesn't it?
thats a .45 ACP on the left, let your mind grasp that fop a sec...
I got to shoot it and I have to tell you, its got a little something for all you recoil junkies out there.  I mean it really does exemplify the term "hand cannon".

Wanna talk big some more? Check this out...  .338 Lapua Magnum vs. 1/4" steel plate at 100 yards...winner? Do you even need to ask after looking at the following picture?

I remember reading something about 120mm SABOT rounds hitting Iraqi armor and the explanation that at the forces in which these projectiles operated, metal was seemingly turned into and acted upon as a liquid for a fraction of a second due to the extremes forces of heat and pressure caused by the round.  In such times metal would flow around metal explaining the raised edges and almost wave type appearance of the neat entrance holes found on Iraqi T-72's and T-80's encountered by our M-1 Abrams firing these "darts o' death".   Does that not look like a perfect example of this type of power on a smaller scale or what.  Those .338 rounds just push through that steel like it wasn't there.

I like my 9mm...but sometimes bigger is better...and just outright awesome to experience.

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Ret Redhat said...

Knowing central Ohio, would strongly suggest some sort of barracade to make sure he does not have ricochets escaping downrange. The 303 alone can be lethal over a mile downrange