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Monday, July 9, 2012

RIP Ernest Borgnine

Oscar winning actor Ernest Borgnine passed away this weekend at the age of 95.  He will be remembered as a larger than life character both on and off screen, and for most, as the lovable LTCdr Quentin McHale,  head of a oddball crew of the PT-73 on the TV Show "McHale's Navy".  The show ran in the 60's and was loosely modeled on a combination of the SGT Bilko show staring Phil Silvers and the movie PT-109, which dramatizes President John Kennedy's service as a PT boat skipper in WW2.  The popularity of the movie made the subject of the PT boat quite a hit with a crossover TV show, even if it was a comedy.

PT Boats were at one time looked down on by the regular blue water Navy being that they were smaller, wooden hulled craft not built for large ocean voyages in all weather conditions, lacked serious armor and armament and were more of an "escort" type craft.  As the war went on and more and more of these smaller, faster and more agile craft were introduced their usefulness in bottle necked waterways around the islands that the US and Japan fought over.  Their speed, agility, flexibility and shallow draft made them ideal for not only taking it to the Japanese fleet with their torpedoes, but also being used to infiltrate beaches with Marine Raiders and the like...they were doing black ops for the Navy before black ops were cool.

What is often over looked about Ernest Borgnine is that he was, in fact, an actual Navy veteran of WWII, serving aboard destroyers for 10 years between 1935 and 1945.  That's Pretty cool.

A character to the end, Borgnine made the net a few years ago for this little quip about what he does when he's alone....I love the guy on the show "I just shook his hand!"

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