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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Defending "Non-Traditional" structures.

Over at When The Balloon goes Up the subject of defending ones castle is discussed when that castle is semi or fully mobile.

Surely (at least in Ohio) it has been found time and time over that a domicile is your "castle" regardless of its composition or nature, and even the right to defense has been extended (again in Ohio, your State laws may differ) to ones vehicle as an extension of your domicile.  Many of us are blinded sometimes by the nature of our own circumstances and don't really realize the challenges faced by many in the act of self preservation with a firearm in the home.  In this instance the writer was faced with an individual who lives in a house trailer with his children's room at the opposite end of it, giving a very bad down range zone for engaging targets in the middle of his trailer (rule #4: be sure of your target and what's behind it).

Like the blog's author, I too am part of the 1%.  I live in a large(r) home in a quiet bedroom community North of Columbus.  Home invasions are rare in my area, but not unheard of.   While I do not have the exact same issue as the person in this article, my child's bedroom is on the opposite side of the stairs to our second floor.  Anyone who came up the stairs in the middle of the night would effectively separate myself and my wife from our daughter.  Ideally I wish we had bought a house with a first floor master and kids rooms upstairs so that if we did have an intruder I would not have to worry about horizontal "red zones" that I could not engage an invader in.  Oh well, a good grasp of using tactical light and my weapon hopefully will avoid any issues in the unlikely instance that this may actually happen to me in Ft. Livingrooom.

I myself know someone through WTA and FaceBook that recently took the plunge and unplugged from permanent housing and now lives out of a travel trailer with his family.  This type of arrangement works well for him and the nature of his work, and truthfully I think only a fool would knowingly try and invade his "castle-to-go" with the large caliber noisemakers both he and his wife employ.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

I have thought of this scenario a few times myself. I do live in exactly this scenario. Thirty foot from me (opposite) left and right sides are my son and daughter's rooms.
I have done what I could to prevent having to employ a firearm in the first place. I live out in the country. Not the boonies, just not in the city. So if I hear you in my yard I KNOW you are sideways. I have a dog. She hears and smells better than I do.
Should that fail I have chosen not to use my 12gauge as primary. I have my choice of two 45 caliber pistols bedside and a decently bright taclight. My last weapons are my training and hopefully common sense. If I'm afraid of the shot I will only take it if absolutely needed. Ie this will be the only time I speak before shooting. If the kids are not home I have bad news for the perp. But as a last resort if I can fire while they scan the room within a few feet of the door I'm safe. I'm assuming here that the intruder is NOT familiar with the layout and I have acted fast. In a very worst case scenario the wife has the pistol and I have a midget bat or one very wicked Gerber parang. It's my house and my family. The intruder better have as good a plan as I ......or God's grace. Stay alert. Stay Alive.

Huey said...

well thought out response, I like it. Thanks for sharing.

Matthew Riggle said...

I would like to offer a possible solution to the dilemma. It's not my idea, as it came from competition, but it may provide a cushion of safety. We tend to think in 2D, when it comes to these situations, somewhat out of necessity due to the short period of time required to act. In this case, if you were to drop to a knee, and engage your enemy, the bullet (assuming it passes through or misses), would be traveling at an upward angle. The closer you are to your enemy, or the further your enemy is from the red zone, the more likely the bullet with either hit high in the red zone, or miss it entirely. Just a thought anyway.