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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day Z...how long could you survive?

Here's one because I told you I wouldn't get rid of all zombie posts....

Back in "the day" (that is before I concentrated on firearms as a hobby) I used to do a fair amount of PC gaming.  These days my gaming is pretty limited to what I can do on an Xbox 360, Wii, iPad and iPhone.  My PC at home has not been upgraded in years but still serves to surf the web and publish this blog.  My favorite games used to be the EA Battlefield series of FPS games starting with Battlefield 1942, through the Vietnam and modern versions all the way through the ones with mech chasis (I loved the Mechwarrior games to with all of the customization available) and stuff.   I have not sat in front of a PC to game in a long time, that may change though...

A co-worker showed me a mod for a game called Arma2 that turns the world of modern combat in the game to the zombie apocalypse!  "so what?, you may ask, "zombies have been a staple of video games for a long time".  This is true, but what it different in this particular game is how its played out.

The mod is called "Day Z" and what sets it apart is what the developers call "permadeath".  That is, when you die in the game, just like in a real "zombie apocalypse" you don't get to just respawn at the same spot and try again or respawn and go looking for all the goodies that you gathered sitting next to your old corpse like in some games.  With "permadeath" when you die, thats it.  If you want to play again you have to start anew with a new character again and rebuild your inventory and what have you.  That's pretty cool.  I am playing Skyrim on the Xbox right now and before I go into a area with a lot of baddies I do a quick save "just in case", not available here, pick your battles wisely.

Oh yeah, and its not just the zeds you need to worry about.  You are just as likely (or apparently more likely) to catch a dirt nap courtesy of another player in the game that capped yo' butt to steal your stuff.  Brutal, but in many ways, the most realistic part of this game.  Let's face it, take bath salts/synthetic pot out of the equation and I would give it about a 99.98% probability that there will never be a zombie outbreak.  But an outbreak of SHTF type stuff where you have a-holes running around stealing, looting and killing?  Well that's a much better chance seeing that its already happened in many instances in this country (LA riots, Hurricane Katrina aftermath, ect)!

My friend said that the average lifespan in the game is something measured in hours.  That is kind of freaky.

I am pretty sure my antiquated PC will not run this game, but if yours does it seems like a rather fun way to see if you have the chops to fight off not just the zombies but the other survivors as well.

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