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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A chop job you can appreciate...

George "Mad Ogre" Hill posted this video on chopping down the grip on a Glock on his FaceBook page earlier today.  It features Rob Pincus who is one of the premier trainers out their today in pistol defense. He has taught at nearby Blackwing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio and its one of my goals to take a course from him.

He talks about chopping a G23 grip length down to that of a G27.  The purpose of this is to allow greater concealability while maintaining more mass (weight) in the pistol to help reduce felt recoil and a longer sight radius to improve accuracy.  As he shows the length of the grip is more apt to print on an individual than the length of the barrel.  Being a "plus sized" guy appendix carry is really not an option for me, but the same logic applies to those with a 3 or 6 O'Clock carry method as well.

George himself had the same idea, and chopped his G22 grip down to the size of a G23.  He custom stippled the grip himself and the result was pretty damn good to look at.
Ogre make a pretty.....
Now as for myself, although they are quite large and manly looking, my cohones are not big enough for me to start chopping on my Glocks.  For one the G34 has no need for it as a "fun gun" and for the other the G19 is not a carry piece for me for when I would wear clothing that the grip length might matter.  

The other thing I noticed from Rob in the video is that he professes his preference for the 9mm over the .40 for self defense.  This is a view that I also share and have talked about from time to time on this blog about.  For me, it comes down to the power of the 9mm is "good enough" for what I expect it to have to do and I get a few extra rounds to boot in the magazine with it.  Rob talks about his preference in this article and echoes my sentiment plus adds some good points to it.

I think regardless of what caliber you like, its better to be able to shoot well what you carry, than rely on caliber to carry you.   Also, use decent bullets developed for the task assigned them....New Jersey exempted of course, shoot what is legal for your use.


California Midwesterner said...

I would really, really like to get a cop-surplus Glock 17 and have the grip cut to 19 length, along with removing the finger bumps and backstrap hump.

Looks good.

Huey said...

I think that is a doable project, just look for someone selling a Gen 2 G17 and go for it...I wouldn't worry about it being a police surplus, to the best I can tell there are no major differences (other than maybe custom engraving if desired by the ordering department) between what LEO's carry and what we can get.

Good luck and I hope you check back if you do proceed with the project.