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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summertime in Kuwait and the livin' is easy...

AKA...war is hell, thankfully I was at Camp Arifjan.

Looks fun...right?

Well, the Summer has recently kicked off for 2012 and right on its heels is the heat.  Its supposed to get up to around 100 degrees (Fahrenheit, relax my metric system readers...global warming is just a passing fad) here in Central Ohio.  With temperatures like that I can't help but think back 5 years ago to life at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.  You want to talk about heat?  Try multiple days above 120 for the high on weeks on end.  Add a few here in there upwards of 130 degrees and its like sticking you head into an oven and setting a hair dryer on high in your face.
yeah...that's hot

Now, don't feel too bad for those soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines and other DOD personnel stationed there.  Camp Arifjan is about as luxurious place you can find in the region as far as amenities on an actual operational military post.  No, Arifjan does not get rocketed or mortared ever...but still the missions that they do there directly contribute to many different operations in CENTCOM's AO.

Anyway, in addition to a movie theater, multiple shopping areas including a modern PX building (small but still better than a trailer or tent), multiple fitness centers, outdoor stages hosting live bands, full food courts to include a donut shop, Starbucks, Baskin Robbins Ice Cream and several fast food trailers, a library, DVDs you can check out and a lot of other stuff (matter of fact other than being away from my family I am trying to think what I really had to bitch about while I was there now....oh, yeah...leadership) one thing that Arifjan did indeed have was a POOL.

Want to see pics, don't you?   Here you go....not my pics, one found online and the others I found on a server share at Arifjan itself.
The "Beach" is open...

"Lord of the Nipple Rings"...I swear the military is not the same as it was in '87

Again this Jersey Shore wannabe shows off his non-authorized jewelry....is that Snookie?

All of these ladies are "10's" by deployment standard....no offense ladies...they got medals for something I guess...

hmmmm?  guy must of been a plumber with the Seabees.....notice the ass crack showing

Looking cool for the hook ups.....like that ever happened....

So war is hell indeed...except in Arifjan...maybe its as hot as hell there...but we didn't have it too bad....not bad by far!!

Update:  Thought about it this morning and want to say that I am not thumbing my nose at the real warriors that were living on the edge of danger in Iraq and Afghanistan while I was over there...just pointing out the duality of the conflict in a (somewhat) humorous way.   Even at Arifjan the tendrils of war did reach down and take a few soldiers (actually one soldier and one airman) from the post while I was there due to accidents and enemy action while conduction LOGPAC along MSR Tampa all the way to Baghdad.  But again, all in all, Arifjan was a pretty decent place and I was lucky to be there.

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