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Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS Strikes Down the "Stolen Valor Act"....

...Green light ahead for posers everywhere....

In a ruling overshadowed by the upholding of Obamacare on the same day (don't get me started) the justices overturned the 2005 law signed by President George W. Bush in a 6-3 decision, sighting constitutional concerns that the first amendment  "protects the speech we detest as well as the speech we embrace," .  Well, how about them apples?  The justices did apparently express their disdain and contempt for those that would attempt to obtain recognition for unearned medals or claims of military service citing that those persons were "worthy of outrage and ridicule".  

How about pain and suffering? 

There was this guy once named Rodgers...he had a few solders he liked to call "Rangers" and they has a few rules, one among them being...

4. Tell the truth about what you see and do. There is an army depending on you for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but never lie to another Ranger or to an officer.

Well, notice this that this rule only applies to Rangers being able to lie all they please when telling other folks, all other beware!  There are those web sites and individuals that are watching for fakers to pop their heads into the limelight...and when they do the public ridicule and scorn will be more that you shall be able to bear!

Generally, an actual veteran will be able to pick out a faker in uniform fairly easily..

  • Looking and acting like an asshat
  • Wearing a uniform improperly
  • Extensive amount of ribbons not normal for rank or age
  • Age/rank not consistent with normal advancement
  • mismatching of skill badges
  • wearing insignia no longer authorized or conflicting
  • wearing insignia or badges from the wrong branch of service
  • uniform not fitting correctly
If these guys would actually be a little more "toned down" and not claim to be every single special op type ever mentioned in the movies they probably would just blend into the scenery for the most part, a lot of guys and gals have served.

Actually, busting one of these guys out is pretty much just like this....

Honestly, I think the super high speed guys still in service could give a rats ass less, they got bigger objectives to take on at the moment.  Other guys that have the time really do hate these military wannabees  (or make that neverwillbees in most cases).  I really would hate to see any of them come to some serious harm due to their follies (some definitely have mental issues to begin with), but a little ass kicking to a few to "enlighten" them might not be a bad idea from time to time to keep the rest in line.   Still, violence is not what I am all about (all the time) and I was happy that (until now) there was some legal recourse for the most extreme of the kind or the ones that drew substantial financial benefit from their lies. 

But now, at least thanks in part to the SCOTUS, ass wipes like these following lovelies can now prance around dressed like special warfare socket wrench specialists and black op high wire performers all they want....enjoy 15 minutes of fame jerk offs....

(note: to the best of my knowledge, these are all confirmed posers)

 Should I call you "General Soul Patch?"

They teach you a lot in Special Forces....like how to wear your ribbons correctly...

This guy showed up to Ft. Benning like this.....with desert boots on.....bad day for him  Looks like he went to the PX and just bought one of everything....

a SEAL and EOD badge, eh?  

An officer and a Seal...all at age 17....

well, the name badge is on the right side...if you're dressing yourself in front of a mirror...

This guy looks like he couldn't climb a triple ladder, let alone earn the right to wear one

so the ladies don't feel left out...this is a confirmed poser...story says she wore different rank on her PC and blouse and claimed to be yet another...

I think Don Shipley over on his YouTube page ate this guy for lunch...literally

As for me, I was in Echo Force (we were one level above Delta Force).  I would tell you what I did but then I would have to kill you and everyone you ever knew...and don't ask me about my secret squirrel badge either...its classified.

Actually, the following fits me better....and that's me in the pic to boot (rockin' that 3rd Personnel Command "combat" patch!)...shamelessly stolen from The Duffle Blog (and I expect you to follow that hyperlink!!)

Stolen Valor Claim After Man Poses As Elite Administrative Soldier

Richfield, OH – On a normal Friday night at the Clearview Bar & Grill, U.S. Army Reservist SPC Wendell Dukes had ordered his usual Rolling Rock and was minding his business.  He had recently returned from deployment to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, where the harsh environment had denied him everything, from Wi-Fi to good cell reception to even a decent printer.  What it never denied him however, was a sense of pride.  Dukes and his fellow administrative specialists (MOS 42L) had worked hard and earned the respect of their peers and, according to the 19 year-old soldier, “Nothing moves without orders and orders don’t move without us!  You have registered mail?  Good luck getting it there without our signature!”
So you can imagine Dukes’ dismay when a man he had never seen before — walked into the bar — and claimed to be a member of his elite unit.
“He was wearing this—well for lack of a better term, it was a costume-and said he was just back from downrange. He wore some strange medals I hadn’t seen before — crooked — and I noted right away that not only were his ACUs freshly pressed, but the dead give away was the complete lack of a carpal tunnel brace on the forearm and no paper cuts on the fingers.  It was amateur night.”
Dukes takes a swig of his Rolling Rock.  His eyes now take on a far off look.
“I earned my cuts, damnit!  It was then and there I knew my fellow 42Ls and I were being robbed. ”
Dukes didn’t get mad however.  He decided to get even and lured the man, Mr. Ben Faquir, into a story of his many exploits — a popular method poser hunters often use to call out phony veterans.
“It was all downhill from there,” Dukes said.  “He starts off ‘So, there I was…in the shit…the coffee was gone.  We were out of doughnuts.’  Anyone who’s been downrange knows full well Green Bean is almost always open and we’re hip deep in pogey bait, so there’s no excuse.  I called Stolen Valor after that.”
After Dukes’ tip, the FBI decided to investigate. In what was a open and shut case, Mr. Faquir was tried and sentenced to a $10,000 fine and one year’s probation. He could not be reached for comment at the time of this article.
Although this story had a happy ending, it’s still not enough for Wendell Dukes.  He encourages all 42Ls not to allow their profession to be sullied by posers.
“It’s like they think they know what’s it’s like, behind the wire, when the chow hall’s out of ice cream and server lag keeps you from playing World of Warcraft.  You shouldn’t let anyone think they know what that’s like.  Not unless you’ve been there.”

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Ret Redhat said...

The only thing that comes to mind on this tragic day are the words from 1776 . If we are not filled with total resolve to stop these socialist orafices in November, then I fear more division then even what our nation suffered in 1861/65.