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Monday, June 18, 2012

A readers question...LCP, LC9 or LCR?

This past weekend I got an email from Steve from Missouri concerning which of my Ruger carry pistols - the LCp, LC9 or LCR - I would recommend.  Steve is new to shooting and has a SR9 but wants something a bit smaller for carry.

His email:


I really enjoy reading your blog.  I typically look at it every few days.  I am very new to guns & gun ownership.  I moved my family away from Chicago and we now live in Southwest Missouri.  I have made friends with lots of troopers, policeman and men that have served our country.  I do not want my son to be as ignorant as I have been growing up.  I recently purchased my first gun and bought a Ruger SR9 (as well as became an NRA member).  For someone new to guns I really like some of the features on the SR9 and I like having 17 rounds.  However, this gun is a little too big for me to carry (just recently got my CCW) and have been looking at some smaller guns.  I live just a few towns away from the Crossbreed Holster so I might look at a mini tuck holster if I get a LCP or LR9.  I was at a gun shop a little while ago and the store owner, who is a friend of mine, told me that he carries the LCR and really likes it.  Somehow I missed your blog about the LCR until just a few minutes ago.  I appreciate the information.  Since you have all 3 of the guns that I have been looking at which one do you prefer to carry on a daily basis?

I am headed out now to shoot my SR9 with my son and a trooper friend.  I still need lots more experience & time with guns but you sure have helped me out lots.  I really do appreciate it.


My response:


Thanks for the kind words.  The blog is kind of like a free form of therapy for me and I am glad a few folks out there enjoy it as well.

As far as the choice among the 3 for carry between the LC* models...tough choice.  The LCP is a winner hands down on pure concealability, but the extra punch the 9mm or the .38+ provides is appealing as well.  The LC9 offers the most "firepower" and is thin and light enough to carry very easily.  The LCR is a classic snubby with modern materials and technology...the original "point and click" interface so to speak...practically unfailing in use..... Tough choice....right now I am carrying the LCR more or less just because its the newest gun in the rotation.  The LC9 is a close second.  The LCP is getting more use these days as the weather is hot and a pair of shorts and tshirts is all I am wearing when not at work.  Again, tough choice between the 3. 

Being I am not one of these "one gun for all conditions" type of guys I would say buy the LCP now and then decide on the other one later.  I am sure Missouri is hot in the Summer and you would use it more now.  Good .380 ammo is readily available these days (I am carrying Hornady Critical Defense) so do not feel "under gunned" in the summer...a shirt or light jacket is not going to offer much resistance to a bonded HP round in .380.

Keep in mind there are those that are not Ruger favoring individuals like me...something about the company and its products just grew on me the past few years.  Some people hate the history of the company (Bill Ruger infamously helped push the 10 round mag ban in 94) and some hate that its copied some of its designs from Kel-Tec.  I don't care, the only regret I have about owning any is I jumped out to buy the LC9 when it came out and ended up buying it for retail, or a bit above, they can be had now for around $350.    Any of the 3 I think you are getting a quality pistol at a good price thats made here in the USA...a good deal all the way around.

Also, the SR9 comes in a compact model as well, possibly check that out.

Glad to hear from you, feel free to check in to say hello anytime here or on the blog,

So, can anyone else maybe add a few words of wisdom on the subject?

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