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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nokia going bankrupt...IED's to be detonated with strings now..

Just a small joke...IED's are no laughing matter for our troops.

The Nokia company, once a world leader in cell phone sales, is reportedly on the verge of bankruptcy...or so say a myriad of financial sources on the web..

Nokia never really got a good share of the market here in the states, but their simple and durable lines of "candy bar" style cell phones are popular the world over.  Matter of fact, I even had one that I bought off of my predecessor when she left Camp AJ and I passed it on to my successor as well.   It was ideal for a "throw away" phone for deployment and the SIM card was easily replaceable and the phone carrier would accept most phone cards available.  The simple blue/black LCD screen was fine for a simple phone and it held up well to daily pocket carry and use in and out of uniform at Camp Arifjan.  It lacks most of the features found in modern smart phones but that was not what it was designed for.  Its main purpose was as a phone and in that regard it performs outstandingly.  Its not without some other features though.  It was my daily alarm clock as well as kept some reminders for me...and also woke me to unpleasant news that required my attention in the Casualty Ops shop on more than one occasion.
Classic Nokia 3310 similar to my
phone at Camp Arifjan
They were once known infamously as the phone of choice for insurgent bomb makers that would use them to remote detonate IED's in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are probably still in wide use, but I have been "out of the game" so long its hard to remain up on these things.  There is a famous picture of one of them taken from an IED that is a reminder that the bad guys are always watching and waiting..

From the Academy Awards winning movie The Hurt Locker (which mentioning to an EOD tech when referencing the war will usually result in you being punched in the balls) there is also this scene which should remind all civilians if you see a soldier in a big, bulky suit coming your way to get off of the damn cell phone!!

Oh, and BTW not everyone's opinion of the fate of Nokia is so glum...some analysts see a possible silver lining.  

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