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Friday, June 15, 2012

My daughter's (almost) first rifle...

  I had the day off yesterday (Wednesday, the day after my birthday) and since she is out of school I was thinking of taking "M", my daughter, to the range with me.  I told her and Household-6 about my plan without any major objections other than the obligatory "be safe".  My girl is a fairly solid little 9 year old and is pretty strong for a young girl her age.  I was pretty sure that my 10/22 was crying out her name but after having her shoulder it  (cleared and with a chamber flag no less for you safety nazis) I discovered that the length of pull (LOP) on the stock was a few inches too long that made her hold it awkwardly and she could not employ her upper body strength effectively to support the fore end.   Kind of like this girl who EDNDO posted..

"PEW! PEW! PEW!"  

I am glad the young girl was excited to shoot, but this is just too big of a gun for a little girl like that.  The awkward stance, barrel bouncing and lack of trigger control just makes me cringe a bit.  I am glad her dad, like me, is trying to get her involved in the sport, but the do make some firearms aimed at the beginner kid..

So, after thinking it over I decided to get my daughter her first rifle.  A Crickett .22.  These rifles are sold at Wallyworld for about $100 and are not exactly "heirloom" guns.   The basic rifle is a short, .22 single shot bolt action rifle...normally available in the store in black or...as most girls would have it....pink.  The rifle has no manual safety but does require the weapon be cocked before shooting and does come with a key safety built in.  The one I handled with my daughter seemed well enough built, maybe a bit rough in the action, but this was not going to be a tactical shooter but something for her to get some initial trigger time on.   The rear sight is a bent piece of metal with a simple hole for a peep sight drilled into it attached to the receiver with a simple front blade sight.  Overall, worth what they were asking for it.

Here's a pretty decent vid of another young girl shooting this pink rifle....pretty good showing!  Notice how the rifle fits the young shooter better than the young girl in the first video above.

Of course for the same money I could of gotten her a Mosin-Nagant 91/30 and 100 rounds of 7.62x54r..but the thought of spending the afternoon in the hospital while her shoulder was put back into the socket just didn't seem like a good idea...

Anyway, went to purchase it from Wallyworld and found out that they have a terminal that you use to fill out an automated 4473 form!  Pretty cool!  After I was done my daughter and I stood there waiting for the clerk to come back and my daughter found some matching pink ear protection to go with the rifle...all was looking good.  Unfortunately, when the clerk return both he and I discovered that my drivers license had expired the day before on my birthday....DOH!!

Automated BATF Form 4473 terminal...nice.  You can see the pink Crickett in the case.

Bottom line, I had to go get a new license and by the time we got done doing that and running some other errands we did not have time to go to the range.  So the rifle still sits at Wallyworld waiting for our return.  Soon however, I hope to have pictures of my own little Annie Oakley putting her Daddy to shame at the range!!

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