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"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Monday, June 18, 2012

A kinder, gentler Army...I guess...

Yesterday, against normal surfing SOP, I clicked on one of the sidebar adds on Facebook for some military themed t-shirts on a site called The Leaning Rest..before I go one, they got some funny stuff to buy on that site, not getting any compensation for saying that..just take a look...Posted this on FaceBook yesterday from their designs..

That's some funny stuff there.  I was informed by somebody I knew in High School who is now a Lieutenant Colonel at Fort Bragg that the new "correct" term for Psyops (Psychological Operations) was MISO..Military Intelligence to Support Operations.  Apparently the term "Psyops" had too much of a negative or offensive connotation to it.   WTF, excuse me and holy shit on a silver platter?!?!  What the hell is happening to my Army?  Ignore the fact that we have been at war in once place or another pretty much constantly since 2001 and that we are killing hundreds if not thousands of terrorists and other associated baddies around the world every year...we are worried about a PR problem by a term that's been around for years sounding too "offensive"?

I checked facts on line and found this page that basically confirms the good LTC's statement.....crap!

And lets just think about that new name "MISO" for a second....first, it conjures up this image in my head...

Yep, you got that right...and secondly around lunch time the image gravitates to the following...not that I would most likely ever turn down lunch at a sushi joint mind you....

Now, my somewhat aging, been retired 4.5 years military mind has got to wonder, where will they stop? I mean the Army has a long and glorious history of warfare associated with various terms for its combat units.  When will the misguided PR machine of the Pentagon get around to re-naming those?  Just so they can spend their time more productively on the current conflicts at hand let me throw a few ideas out to the folks with the marketing degrees making these decisions....

So basically we have...

Psyops = Military Intelligence Supporting Operations (MISO)

lets add the following changes....

Military Intelligence = Nerds
Electronic Warfare = Geek Squad 
Infantry = Enemy Combatant Liasons
Armor = Mobile Conflict Resolution Teams
Cavalry = Motorized Equestrian Personnel
Artillery = Projectile Dispersion Teams
Engineers = Terrain Management Specialists
Army Aviation = Fly guys/gals
Airborne = The Flying Circus (Parachutes panels to be multicolored)
Rangers = Conflict Affirmation Managers
Special Forces = Special Needs and Personnel Administration
Military Police = No Fun Folks
Chemical = Military Pharmaceutical Forces
Combat Medics = Boo-Boo doctors
Administration = Pogues-R-Us

Just a thougth....

Today's Army  (Authors Concept)...but hey they do have real rifles...

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