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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm a Joker...I'm a smoker...I'm a midnight Tokarever....

My new best buddy, the UPS guy, dropped off another box last night.  In it was a 1953 Romanian TTC Tokarev pistol, hand selected by Southern Ohio Guns in Lebanon, Ohio for me.  Man, I am really liking this C&R license stuff!!
Sorry for laying it on a dirty rag, but I was cleaning it up at the time of the pic.
I should point out unlike a lot of other old surplus guns I have worked on,
this pistol did not have an over abundant of cosmoline on it.
The Tokarev pistol was adopted by the Russians in 1930 to replace the 1895 model Nagant revolver, one of which I received last week.  It was produced in mass quantities by the Ruskies and their communist allies for many years, eventually being surpassed as the standard Soviet side arm by the Makarov pistol.  The Tokarev fires an unusual cartridge, the 7.62x25, which was derived from the 7.63x25 mauser round used in the C96 "broomhandle" pistol, which was itself used extensively in the Russian revolution.  Its a necked down round that reminds one of the current .357 Sig round in appearance. This round fires a 85gr bullet at over 1,400/fps, creating enough power to penetrate many types of barriers to include some body armor.  This follows function as you can imagine fighting in a Russian winter where your adversary may be wearing many layers of thick wool clothing to have to shoot through.

I received a 1953 produced Romanian Tokarev, 2 mags, a worn holster, laynard and cleaning rod, not too shabby for a couple of Franklins.  Ammo comes later this week, hopefully I will have a full report including range time in the next few weeks.  One thing I can say about it already is that due to it being basically a stolen JMB design from his 1903 hammerless pistol, you can really feel the quality of this pistol in your hand.  Its solid and the fit is pretty darn good, not bad for an old commie piece!

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