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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Dyen Pobedy to me!

UPS guy dropped a box off tonight.  Guess what was in it?  Give you a clue, its old, Russian and fires a round I bet most of you have never seen up close....and I told you I was getting it a couple of weeks or so ago...

Give up?

A Model 1895 Nagant Revolver!  Here it is as taken out of the packaging still slimmed up with enough cosmoline to grease a railroad engine.

The cosmoline of the czars!!

More pics and some info after I get it cleaned up.  Even after a couple of hours with rags, brushes and solvent the grease is still oozing from hidden crevices and the like.  I will need to take it down more than just removing the cylinder I think....again, more to come.

So what is this Dyen Pobedy thing?  I had no idea of the significance of this Russian pistol being delivered today until a friend from WTA and FaceBook pointed it out.  Dyen Pobedy is a song written in 1975 to help mark the May 9th Victory Day celebrations held in Russia to commemorate the anniversary of the defeat of Germany and the end of WW2 for the Ruskies.  The war actually ended on May 8th in Germany, but due to the time difference it had already passed midnight in Moscow so they celebrate the 9th.  I guess the day is kind of like our Veterans Day as that was originally "Armistice Day" to mark the end of WWI.  Anyway, the song is a patriotic throwback to the music Russians would of sung during the war and is now an annual part of many Victory Day celebrations.

So, due in no part to my ignorance of the event, I actually ended up celebrating Dyen Pobedy rather appropriately!

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