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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dios MiO!

Once in a while I find myself amazed about how much a small thing may mean to someone else or in need.  Just something small and relatively insignificant can be something big when you may need it.  Just think how useful a paperclip can be when its needed (for things other than holding paper) and how ubiquitous it is otherwise.

Back in Kuwait it was drilled into our heads to drink water constantly.  Whether we worked outside or in an office (like yours truly), water was to be consumed as much as possible to avoid any type of dehydration in the arid heat which routinely went upwards of 120+ degrees!  An ample supply was provided in the form of bottles available from coolers at most every inside location on post as well as pallets that were placed so you could take as much as you wanted back to your hootch for later. Gatoraid and other sports drinks were also available, but with the added calories of drinking them, most of us "Pogue" types were better off leaving that stuff to the "athletes" in the field.

Drinking water stops "the dehydrations"...

I generally drank between 3 and 3 liters of water a day outside of what I would normally consume in liquids at meals.  I got to tell you though, drinking that much water is not easy. Thankfully the mess halls always had a ready supply of those little single use packets of Crystal Light on hand for you to grab and go to put in the water.

The Zone II dining facility at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait in full lunch hour swing...

These little packets were pretty handy and were easy to carry in a pocket.  You could literally grab about as many as you wanted at any mess hall over there out of boxes and boxes of them on a table at the rear of the facility as you walked out.  They really were great to have to make plain water more palatable, especially if it became lukewarm or hot if out in the sun. Unfortunately the packets were only made of plastic and could tear, come apart and make an occasional mess if left in pocket and came open during laundry.  They were, however, a better solution to help service members to drink water then forcing hydration alone.

Good stuff

A while ago my wife started buying these little drink mixes called MiO, which is a liquid that you squirt into water to flavor it.  Its aimed at the water bottle buying crowd and I absolutely love the peach tea flavor.  I was thinking about it the other day and remembered that the peach tea crystal light packets were my favorite flavor over in Kuwait as well.  I thought "wow, this would have been great to have over there!".  Number one, there are many servings in one container of the liquid - only a few small squeeze is needed for a bottle of water.  Secondly, it comes in a fairly rigid container that would stand up to the rigors of being in a pocket or bag "in the field" so to speak.  All in all a pretty good upgrade from the Crystal light packets.

Better stuff

So, say next time you are putting together a "care package" for some troop overseas, consider sending a few packages of this stuff on over in lieu of a handful of hard candies that will not get eaten or a box of soap that will just end up contaminating the flavor of the candy anyway.  I am sure the troops will like it.

And no, I do not work for the company that makes MiO or anything like that..and actually now that I make a quick check on it...both are made by Kraft Foods, just in case you were interested.

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