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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A bit of range time

Holy cow...an actual post with guns in it!!  Yeah, I know.  Anyway, got to shoot on Saturday with Kevin at his boss's ranch outside of Cbus this past weekend (Thanks Darin!) and got to put some rounds downrange in some acquisitions I have not yet fired.  A few Ruskie handguns and a couple of rifles got to stretch their legs that day.  There wasn't any plan for structured "training" or anything, just putting some rounds downrange with a good friend and enjoying the weather.  Actually the weather was hot and muggy which kind of curtailed our shooting.  Our targets were situated against a woodpile and down a trail into a deep woods against a rise in the terrain..both were chocked full of mosquitoes and humidity.  It was so warm some remaining cosmoline or grease in my Springfield liquefied in the warmth and sun and leaked out of the rifle onto the stock.

Anyway, had a good time, a few notes below...

Nagant 1985 revolver

It lives up to its rep of having an atrocious trigger pull, I will give it that!  But as you can see by the following video that even a blind squirrel can get a nut with it sometimes...first shot, bullseye...all luck...and yes, I call it by an incorrect name "Mosin-Nagant" instead of just plain "Nagant"...

As you can see from the results of the first cylinder (7 shot) that it is capable of "combat accuracy".  I will have a more extensive review of this and the Tokarev soon.

Romanian Tokarev TTC.

Well, this gun does not disappoint.  It feels like a JMB designed gun and shoots like a JMB designed gun, just like the Soviet armorer that ripped the design off intended.  All the hype about penetration is warranted.  Here is a pic of the entry and exit holes in a nice 6" thick tree limb...

A 9mm (115gr FMJ fired from my LC9) just managed to dent it a bit...

Best part about shooting this is despite the velocity that it generates, there is not a lot of recoil with this pistol and it also seemed to be more than accurate for the task it was designed for.

Enfield No. 4 Mk I.

I "came into" a mess of surplus ammo for this British brute last week and Kev and I got a few shots downrange with it.  I think the ammo was suspect because there was a definite delay between when I could hear the pin hit the primer and the round going bang, with one dud primer that went off when shot a second time.  I think the ammo looks like it was from the 40's.  Going to buy some new commercial stuff and see how it works in it.  Other than that it seemed to work fine.
Kev says "Tally Ho!"

Universal M-1 Carbine.

Got a few more rounds downrange with it.  Sure it may not be an actual GI model, but it still shoots just a nice as I hoped it would.  I would say I got a pretty good bargain with it.  Got a short vid of Kev pulling the trigger on it before our target curled up after being hit.

Springfield 1903A1.

Found out my Springfield '03 is called an "A1" style simply because it has a "slant" or "C" stock with a pistol grip shape instead of a straight stock, but still has the original sights on it.  The warm weather made the rifle "bleed" grease or oil of some type and I had to wipe it down repeatedly (make mental note...always pack a bag of rags for the range).  Despite this little setback it shot fine.  I swear its got a custom trigger or something on it, it releases so light and crisp compared to other similar rifles I have shot.  I did get a few more of my Greek .30-06 rounds down range with it.  Later at the next Posse shoot I am going to go for accuracy and grouping when I have a proper range to work with, ditto with the other weapons as well.


Anonymous said...

Had on issue with universal carbine on 1st trip to Delaware range back in mid 70s. On 4th magazine the sear malfunctioned and it went full auto. My Father kept it controlled and down range as mag ran out.(brass stream in mid air did look nice) Weapon was cleared,put in trunk and taken to gunsmith for repair directly from the range. No problems with it since.

Huey said...

Hmmmm...a Universal M2 carbine....