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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bin Laden been dead...for a year...why all the fuss?

Well, one year ago those Navy guys who balance red balls on their noses went into our "allies" back yard and took out our #1 target in the war on terrorism..Osama Bin Laden.  One year later, his death is still in the news and many questions remain unanswered...such as, to what degree may have Pakistan known about his whereabouts....how did Bin Laden manage to evade detection for so long...Are Steven Tyler and J Lo really good successors to Simon and Paula on American Idol....oh yeah...and to what degree does the President deserve credit for the operation..

OK, going to give credit where credit is due...the kill did happen on President Obama's watch.  He did give the go ahead, that much is most certainly true.  He gave the go ahead knowing we were actually crossing our forces into a sovereign nation's land, a nation we were supposedly allied with in the war, without their consent...a country that was a nuclear power in the region battling their own internal fight against extremists.  And he said "go".  Can't take that away from him.  But to what degree that answer was actually formulated on his own accord I got to take into question.

A photo op?...for political use later?...nah..what would make you think that...

I believe I stated it before, but as soon as Osama Bin Laden took responsibility for the attacks he was a goner. Sorry man...take out 3,000 (mostly American) lives, take down a couple really big buildings in Manhattan...put a big freakin' hole in the side of the Pentagon...yeah, you're getting killed.  No doubt about it...either be being ventilated by some 5.56/.308/9mm/.45 rounds as was the case here...or being put down in an execution chamber..either way don't worry about retirement plans.  Personally, I was satisfied with the notion that he may have been a pile of decomposing goo buried under tons of rubble in a cave somewhere in Tora Bora after taking a hit by a JDAM...but knowing he is dead and being feasted on by the creatures of the deep sea is awfully comforting too.

The question I have is this...if the call had been made and and the mission had failed...would the same people  taking credit now also man up to the responsibility of it?

Now a year later with life in America back to the same 15 second sound byte mentality that we are used to...and the American public is now forced to deal with the facts in this matter again for political gain.

President Obama is being criticized by some for trying to exploit the death of Bin Laden under his presidency as his success in the War on Terror that he vowed to end when he came into the White House 3.5 years ago.  Yes we are out of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan is on a timetable to end...gains have been made, but its not the "bring them home" message he ran on last election for sure.  As he is opt to do, he has fired back on probably opponent Mit Romney by stating the following about a past statement Romney made about finding Bin Laden:

"I assume that people meant what they said when they said it," ~ In reference to a 2007 comment made by Romney touting it was not worth "moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person." 

I hope the President enjoys the irony of saying that....and remember a lot has been said in the last 4 years by himself that can be brought up as well...

"The president says Mitt Romney should stand by comments he made in '07 about bin Laden. Wonder if he'll stand by his own own comments concerning raising the debt ceiling?" ~ Joel Riley, Radio Show Host, 610 WTVN AM, Columbus, Ohio
On the other side of the isle Mit Romney shot back the following in response...

"Even Jimmy Carter would of given that order."  In reference to former President Jimmy Carter who is commonly seen as not having had a strong position on defense after the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

I hope Mit can understand the irony of those words too...Carter did give the order...the mission to try and attempt to rescue the American Hostages held in Iranian captivity that ended in disaster.  President Carter did man up to his post and take responsibility for the failure, which helped lead to his ouster in favor of President Reagan in 1980...and a really shitty economy didn't help either.  But in the end Carter stood up for the decision and let the blame rest on him..as he should have.. I respect that.

President Truman made the phrase "The Buck Stops Here!" part of his presidency.  Every President should live up to this credo, because that's what the American people expect...and deserve...from our leadership.

Either way you look at it Bin Laden is DEAD!  And not because some bureaucrat in Washington took credit for it, but because the men and women of this nations armed forces, intelligence community and our allies all worked in unison to track him down and kill him...end of story.  I doubt any one person can find pics of themselves pouring over stacks of intel documents, spending countless hours intercepting and translating communications transmissions, detail examining areal and satellite photos, spending months and years in the field cultivating humint assets and harvesting data and finally show pics of them hopping into a classified helicopter and repelling in the compound before being able to show a final pic of them standing over Bin Laden's body.  

So in this election year I hope each and every voter, both Red and Blue and any other color under the rainbow, take the time to try and see through the election rhetoric and keep our politicians accountable for what they promise to do and what they have done before.  Its up to each and every one of use to check the facts and make sure that the buck surely does stop where it is supposed to.

I'm Huey, and I endorse this message.


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Dave Sohm said...

Hey you entertained a spambot!

Romney I think may have been speaking in terms of pure dollars spent. But I don't really know, I don't have time to really research.

I still think that he would be a better president than Obama. He just sucks at campaigning. But that's ok, because when you only elect folks who are good at campaigning you get Nixon, Obama, Clinton, etc. . .