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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rifleman

This weekend I got up early for some reason and turned on the TV.  Some classic rerun channel was showing episodes of a gem from the "golden age" of TV...The Rifleman.  Staring former pro athlete Chuck Connors as a  widowed Civil War veteran who settles in New Mexico with his son, the show chronicles the trials and tribulations of living in the old west where a mans gun was as much a way to settle a dispute as the justice system was.  Of course, old Lucas McCain had a rifle as his primary boom stick as the title suggests...

The rifle itself is a model 1892 Winchester, which is a historical mistake as the show takes place before this rifle  is made, but whatever.  The rifle was modified with an oversized loop handle and a screw through the trigger guard which could be tightened to activate the trigger when the action was cycled in order to produce a very fast firing effect...shown here in the title sequence...

The loop also allows him to twirl the rifle....done while empty of course! It should be noted that Connors, an advid gun owner, practiced with the screw removed so he was almost as fast as the screw mechanism when shooting it!

The show was one of my favorite "old" shows when I was growing up (back before a gazillion cable channels were available) and its somewhat corny, wholesome outcomes (even when people get killed...they were the bad guys after all) makes the show still watchable to this day.  I love when they have a show where Lucas is trying to explain to Mark (his son) how violence is bad...and then he proceeds to shoot 3 baddies in the next show.

Anyway, after a recent obsession with lever action rifles I had to message my friend EvilOne Jim about the show...his response was to go buy a Rossi .44 lever action and get it out of my system!  Hmmm, I don't know if I actually need one...but the thought of a 16" barrel with .44 magnum rounds coming out of the business end does have an appealing ring to it...
Rossi .44...what Dirty Harry's great grandfather...Dirty Hank...would of carried.

Maybe after a couple of other wants on the wish list and the gun fun gets paid down...we'll see.


T. said...

Good article. Quoted in part and linked to here --> http://arizonagunowners.com/index.php/topic,325.0.html

dehakal said...

I am thinking of the octagonal barrel model in the 24" barrel myself. http://www.rossiusa.com/product-details.cfm?id=149&category=8&toggle=&breadcrumbseries=

Mad Ogre said...

While the 16" version is attractive, it has a wart. I have one, and I do like it a lot. But I am going to sell it. Reason being - the barrel is angled upwards and the sights are regulated for Cowboy Action Loads. With CBL's, the gun hits dead nuts on. With full power jacketed hunting loads, it hits 4 feet high and you can't lower the rear sight enough. I also do not want to install a super tall shark fin front sight post to get the point of impact down where I can actually hit with it.