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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The mystery of the missing C&R license solved...

..well partially...I got a hold of a top tier group of investigative operators and put them on the trail of my missing C&R license that I applied for last year...

Well, actually I just finally called the BATFE to find out what the heck was going on with it.  I had thought it might take a long time, but we were talking 6 months at this point.  What I was told was that the license was mailed to me back on December 26th!! WTF!!  I sure as heck would have seen it in the mail and Household-6 confirmed she didn't see it..so where could it be?  The BATFE is sending a replacement, but I got to ask what happened to the first one?

If for some reason I had been chosen at random for an audit I would of felt silly not having any type of "bound book" to produce...and secondly (and more importantly) how do I know it wasn't taken from the mail and used by someone else to somehow illegally obtain C&R firearms?  I asked to see if they could check and see if my license had been used (don't know if they could actually track that) and for someone to annotate the fact that I have not had it in my possession since it was issued.

Funny thing, the only other thing I can remember not getting in the mail I was expecting (no package or envelope present) was a package with a holster from Custom Carry Concepts...also firearm related.  Makes me wonder if someone isn't checking out my mail since they know I am a shooter.  Paranoid, I know...but just a funny coincidence.

Well, the main damage has been done, that the fact that some of the guns I wanted to acquire (Polish P-64 and Tokarev) with the license have fallen out of stock at a lot of places...they are relic firearms you know.  Well, at least with the license I can now look forward to maybe getting a few pieces to add to the collection after all....

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