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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here's a good training freebie for tax day....courtesy of Tire Iron...

Ah tax day.... the wife and I actually got some money back this year thanks to increased donations to our church and other charities, but to many its a day to get the checkbook out and pay up.  So come on and pay up people...those Columbian prostitutes, GSA conferences and multi-first family vacations don't come cheap...

Well, for those of you that are a bit lighter in the wallet after today I offer up this freebie courtesy of fellow WTA member TireIron on the use of dump mags in managing your ammo load on a chest rig or other LEE/LEV type rig.  This is a good video, 25 minutes in length, informative and he backs up his claims by actually testing on film his methods and providing data...good show..oh yeah, did I mention its FREE!

This is a good example that you don't need to pay a lot of money for good training resources.  I have reviewed the Army Marksmanship Units combat shooting DVD available from CMP and thats a good bargain at $6...this is better...its free.  And unlike the Army DVD its not necessarily aimed at a single style of equipment.  I should mention that the info is worthless if you don't take the time to actually train on it, whether it be a full blown training class with live ammo or dry firing and mag change practicing in your basement or garage.  You don't need to strictly follow the advice of TireIron, the Magpul guys, me or anybody else...but whatever you do decide to use you need to practice with it.

For those curious...yes, I do have a "SHTF" rig for my rifle.  Its aimed at what I see as my most likely scenario to prepare for, a short term lack of government and police presence that allows a society without the rule of law (WROL)...think LA Riots or post Katrina New Orleans and you get my drift.  I live in what is  arguably one of the nicer areas of Ohio, my fear is that if there is some type of breakdown of LE services for whatever reason, somebody might want to come to my neck of the woods to go "shopping".  Somebody once asked a bank robber why they robbed banks.."because that's where the money is" was the answer.  My general concept of this scenario is that I am primarily based out of my home and am protecting it, hence the simplicity in its layout and selection of gear.

  • The base is a 5.11 chest rig in flat dark earth.  Its pretty small, I would go so far as to call it a "micro" rig, but its big enough for what I need it to be and cheap enough for most of us to afford.
  • On the front of it I have 4 AR mag pouches with PMAGS loaded with 55gr M193 style ammo...not looking to make 300 yard hits with this scenario The M193 has been proven at close range to be good enough for my use..plus most thugs or looters will probably be deterred and psychologically defeated the first time a couple of rounds end up in their general direction if not indeed inside of their bodies. This gives me 4+1 mags available for a total of 150 rounds...that "should" be enough.  Notice the mags are seated right side up and turned opposite of what they would be for a left handed firer.  They are PMAGS equipped with dust covers to protect the feed lips, this is how they sit now, it takes seconds to remove the covers and re-seat them properly in the pouches before donning the rig.
  • On my non-firing shoulder (right) I have a simple BOK with a CAT, Quickclot sponge, field dressing and some 4x4 pads in a zip lock bag with gloves.
  • On the front of the pouches on the left (dominant) side I have a pistol mag holder for two(2) 17 round Glock mags for the G34/G19 or one mag and a flashlight.
  • On the opposite side (right) I have a dump pouch (shown folded),  In my training, once a mag goes in it doesn't come back out until you are either in "admin mode" and are consolidating ammo or are completely out of ready mags.
  • In the middle of these last two items I have a simple Countycomm SO-LED light clipped on in order to assist in wound care or misc. applications. 

Just in case you may forget what all of that is feeding...

That's it...no e-tools, flash bang pouches, tactical assault bags or anything else like that.  I have a pistol belt with a holster, another dual mag pouch (primary), knife, mulitool, small multipurpose pouch (some 550 cord in it now) and light on it.  I also have a Camelbak I can wear with it if needed.  Again, I don't plan on running around Baghdad, just my home, yard and possibly neighborhood if need be.

Alright, so there is one freebie...got another for you on Thursday!

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