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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Help me pick a new license plate

Got the yearly renewal notification from the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles this week.  Time to renew my tags again.  You may recall I did a piece on the many different variants of plates available to veterans in my state some time ago.  Looking at the list I would be interested in one of the following plates I would be eligible for:

The Army veteran plate (which is on my truck now)

The National Guard Retired Plate

 The Global War on Terrorism plate with the Afghanistan Service Medal 

The Global War on Terrorism plate with the GWOT Service Medal

The National Defense Service Medal plate.

The veteran plate is a good, solid choice again and says "I served" without being too showy I think.  I shied away from the retiree plate last year because I didn't want to seem "old".  The Afghanistan Plate is cool, but the only reason I got the campaign medal was I was in country at Bagram when a "declared ground attack" took place (I know, take your cheap shots if you must).  The GWOTSM plate is also cool and I did earn that one by being one of the first battalions to mobilize and deploy in response to 9/11 as part of Operation Noble Eagle.  The National Defense plate is also kind of cool but the award itself is nothing that special.

The standing poll on the laser for the LCP is at a dead heat right now with 65 votes for and 65 votes against it so I am going to let it stand for the remaining 5 days. I will have this poll up along with that one for a while, and you can help me decide what plate to get this year.


OfTheArk said...

I think you should stick with the army veteran. It looks better, which is a factor, but it isn't too showy.

Huey said...

Wow, so far it looks like I am keeping my current plates...