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- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The gun you need...

Misleading title...I am NOT going to give you the name of the "gun you need"...but I will link to an article by Phil "The Martialist" Elmore about the characteristics that make a good home defense gun.  I have spoken about the subject a couple of times on this blog and pretty much agree with everything that Phil has to say on the subject.

The only thing he omits, in my opinion, is the thought that a gun is better than no gun when it comes to defending yourself.  In his first point, Choose only an established firearm in an established caliber, he advises to buy only those firearms by major or trusted manufacturers.  Good advice, but how about a company like Hi-Point?  They certainly are popular, but you can find opinions disparaging them quite easily.  I personally have nothing against them as even the company will tell you that they are not fancy, heritage grade firearms.  They do work, I can attest to that having owned two of them though.  Many people may be turned off of them that financially have very little otherwise to consider in their price range.  In that situation having a Hi-Point .45 is better than having to wait months and months to save for a budget 1911 clone if some thug comes knocking at your door in the wee hours of the morning in the meantime.  A very minor gripe, and I am sure if he and I discussed this exact same scenario he would agree with my views (he once used a Hi-Point 9mm carbine for a training class along side of guys with custom AR rigs!).

Here's another good example that the gun you have is better than the gun you didn't....a young girl defends her home and herself with ..... A Pink .22 Cricket Rifle!

A good read by a good author anyway you look at it, enjoy.

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