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Monday, April 9, 2012

A glowing recommendation...

First off, some of you may be wondering where the heck I have been.... well, I've just been lazy.

Secondly, check out the sights on my LC9, notice anything different?

How about now?

I got a front night sight installed this past week that I purchased from the folks over at Novak.  They are not listed on their website for the LC9, but if you call them they do make them.  I did have to wait several weeks for them to be billed and arrived so I am assuming they are either custom made or behind in orders. The cost was around $60 with shipping and another $30 to have them professionally installed by Brian over at The Powder Room in Powell.  Other than the one pin being a bit too long and needing filing down, Brian said the install was straight forward.  I shot it when I picked it up and the POA/POI had not changed, which is good of course.

Why only replace the front and not the rear too?  This has been brought up on many boards and such and it basically comes down to personal preference.  If I do have to engage an adversary at night it most likely will be a very stressful situation to begin with and the single dot to concentrate on (remember, "front sight - press") I think is a good concept to embrace.

Right now this is the only option I found for night sights for this pistol.  With the popularity of these single stack 9mm right now you'd think there would be more choices.  But right now this is the only game in town apparently and I am glad to report they seemingly work well!

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