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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Glock Annual.... Das Meh...

Got the latest incarnation of the Glock Annual magazine for 2012 today in the mail.  I joined the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation (GSSF) last year and they sent it as part of their effort to get me to renew my membership - still undecided.  On one hand the "big" extra after a year is the ability to buy a Glock at the special dealer pricing, same thing I can do anyway by buying a LEO/.mil product with my Reserve Retired ID card from the National Guard.   You do get to qualify to attend the Glock armorer course, which I want to do just for crap and cackles anyway.  Like I said, undecided.

Anyway, its basically the same magazine I have gotten the past 4 years at the news stand.  Part advertisement, part marketing, part propaganda....all good.  You get some info on any new models or products they have, articles on how the Glock is the mainstay of some LE department you may or may not have heard of before, some stories about how the Glock has stood up to torturous use in the field or worked (when it was supposed to) and a full catalog of their product lineup.

So why do I feel so "Meh" reading it?   Because Glock is plain, plain and "meh" to a large degree.

I was talking to someone at work today and said that at one time everyone was talking about the Glocks being the best thing since smokeless powder and now when the subject of the Glock comes up everyone's opinion is that they are "OK".  What's up with that?  Well, as for my opinion, Glocks really haven't changed that much over the years to stay "exciting' to a large degree.  Yeah, every once in a while they will create another in a different caliber or something, but generally speaking, other than the G36, they are all the same gun, even in different calibers and sizes.  Nothing too sexy about them either, blocky and squarish they were designed to be functional rather than aesthetically pleasing...although their no-nonsense appearance does appeal to many, myself included.   When they first came out they were the first mass produced and marketed polymer frame pistols widely available.  In an era of metal framed autos that made them stand out, now many models use polymer.  They just aren't that "special" from a marketing standpoint...sure, some new texture and dual springs make them "Gen 4" now but the overall concept is still the same.  And damn well it should be.

Glocks work.  Glocks are solid, you can say they are almost a yardstick by which other pistols may be measured against.  Those big over sized frames and slides are functional and reliable. They are so simple that 34 parts are all that is needed to make a pistol.  I got to say, I'm a big fan.

Just not that excited to read the same history of the same product over and over, year after year... especially when the mag is $6 at the news stand (it used to be $5).   Do us all a favor Glock, give them away for free like Ruger and the others do at gun shops, I'd like that.

Update:  EDNDO posted this video this morning...on topic...

...and here is maybe a more realistic torture test of a G34, more abuse than most of us will heap upon a gun but well within reality for "field use"..and it shoots


Mark said...

I have to say... I bought a used Gen 2 for $300 awhile back. I liked it. A lot. And I am a confirmed 1911 guy too.

Nice thing about Grocks is that they are like Black and Decker tools. If I break one (unlikely) or lose one I can buy either a new part or a new gun. With my 1911s, each one is like a war horse, with its own personality, likes, and dislikes. Lose one of them and it's an emotional event.

Huey said...

Now thats a good analogy right there...