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Monday, April 23, 2012

Federal 9mm 9BPLE +P+ ammunition

I got some boxes of this stuff in my safe for SHTF time when the zeds come a calling.  115 grain hollow points loaded past SAAMI +P specs that supposedly go 1,300 fps down range.  It was alleged to have been designed for the Illinois State Police and developed a reputation for a one stop shot type round according to web talk.  This is wicked stuff to shoot for sure...nice report and a bit harsh on the recoil as apposed to most other stuff. But does it work?  I mean in the "light & fast vs. heavy & slow" debate  does this round really stand up to it reputation?

The excellent video blogger tnoutdoors9 put the ammo to test this past week on YouTube which I share below..

Man, that is some damage?  For those who complain that the 9mm is not a "combat" round, would one of you please volunteer to step in front of the muzzle with that coming at you.  Yeah, it is not perfect, but no handgun round really is anyway...otherwise we would just dump rifles and issue M9's to all of our troops.  The guy here didn't get the 1,300fps advertised velocity, but what he got in terms of wound cavity expansion is pretty damn scary.  Also like he shot it with a G19, which is one of my "Z day" guns, however, I wonder if Glock would endorse using such high pressure stuff in their wares?  A quick query with Google and I got the following info from a poster on firearmstalk.com....

So this came up in another thread, and it's come up several times, so I decided to call the US "Assembly" plant in Ga today and find out first hand.
I talked to Darrell(Darryl) who was in tech support and asked specifically if there was a problem removingANY Glock pistol from the shipping box and feeding it either +P or +P+ ammo.
His response:
Originally Posted by Darrel From Glock
There is not a problem with firing +P or +P+ FACTORY ammo out of a Glock weapon. We DO NOTrecommend feeding any of our pistols a steady diet of this type of ammo due to the excessive pressures that CAN cause excessive wear on the weapon.
Next I asked if they recommend upgrading any components like a recoil spring for someone that might want to carry these rounds exclusively and practice with them at a rate of two range trips a month.
Originally Posted by Darrel From Glock
We would recommend that the end user be aware of the extra pressure these rounds can exert on the weapon and would recommend them to upgrade their recoil spring at a rate of once every 2,000 rounds ( of +P or +P+ ) instead of our normal recommended number of 3,000-5,000 regular rounds
Then I asked him if there was damage to the weapon and a customer sent it back with full disclosure that they had indeed been shooting +P and/or +P+ ammo in it, would this void the warranty or otherwise affect the level of service they received. This answer was a little less definite.
Originally Posted by Darrel From Glock
I would like to say that Glock would stand behind our product and our warranty 100% but in a case such as this there would have to be questions if the damage was done due to excessive pressure and if that excessive pressure was from factory loads or not.
"So, Glock may question if the end user was handloading and this caused the problem?"
Originally Posted by Darrel From Glock
Yes sir, that is corrrect. But it should not affect the level of service or attention that the customer would receive from Glock.
So, there you have it folks. Right from Tech Support in Georgia. You can shoot the hot stuff through your Glocks, but make sure and change your recoil springs frequently and have your data books up to date with the ammo you used just in case.
+1 for Glock on this issue.

So it appears as long as I don't overuse the ammo as range ammo in it and take care to monitor its wear and replace the recoil spring (a skill level "0" task on a Glock of course) I should be good to go.  So now that I am thinking about it...maybe a couple more boxes need to be added to the stash...

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