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Friday, March 23, 2012

Would you like some pepper with that?

As you may recall with had a crazed individual go ape in a building downtown here a week or so ago with a bunch of knives.  I remarked that I would of had nothing to protect myself with really if that happened in my building or if I had been nearby since guns are not allowed to be carried in most buildings downtown.

I fixed that...somewhat.  Got this..the Ruger Ultra Pepper Spray..

I have carried spray before, usually Fox that the local PD carries.  I gave both canisters away to females that I knew that needed some protection themselves.  Found this and after carrying it for a few days when I have to leave my LC9/LCP in the car I got to say I like it.  Ruger did not invent it but its rather a remarketing of a system sold by Tornado with a Ruger emblem on it.  Say what you will about Ruger copying other products as their own but I think this is legit, thats the creator there in a Ruger shirt so I am sure he is getting paid for his effort. It was at the Powder Room in stock and affordable so I bought it.

OC spray is not an end all to a conflict.  Some people are affected less by its affects than others but it is a good distraction or even a deterrent if drawn on some folks to be worth carrying.   How well does it work..well take a look at a video of me being sprayed right in the face... Oh no video...sorry, I am not naive enough to be voluntarily sprayed in the face with something 2,000,000 Scoville units in heat when I don't have to....but this guy was...actually it was a requirement of a class he took I think...I know cops and such have to have this used on them to qualify them to carry it...

Notice that even though the guy eventually lost it for a few seconds there he was able to follow his target and even train a pistol on it.  If he had been right on someone with a knife he would probably of been able to get in a few jabs...remember, you use this to bide time to escape, you still have to keep your wits and situational awareness going.

At first I thought it was a bit too complicated with a holster system and stuff but after taking the time to familiarize my self with the unit I have grown to appreciate the design.  Most spray products give you just a canister with maybe a sheath carrier or some other pouch to carry it in.  The Ruger device that I bought comes as a 3 piece unit:

  1. The spray canister itself.
  2. A safety/deployment unit that the canister fits into.
  3. A rotating belt clip to carry it with.

The innovation in this product for me is in how the device is shaped to allow you to draw it at the ready with it proper indexed and ready to use.  The safety/deployment unit is a shaped piece of plastic that the canister snaps into that blocks the plunger from being activated via plastic tabs molded on the side of the unit.  On the one side of the unit there is a hole with a plastic tab in it.  Pushing your finger in this hole and against the tab will automatically push your finger against the canister and withdraw it into your hand.  There is a molded finger groove on the canister that will naturally fall between your first and second finger and will automatically index the spray nozzle away from you.  This also is supposed to help keep the unit from being knocked out of your hand or taken from you.  There is a sliding "safety door" that does just basically keeps your finger out of the hole to avoid accidentally ejecting the canister...you can pull it out pretty easy anyway...but Ruger loves its safeties now.  BTW, this door is where Ruger brands the product with its eagle emblem.  As another side note, the tab inside the hold of the carrier still has the Tornado emblem on it.

The other part of the system I like is the rotating clip.  As opposed to wearing the unit vertically, it allows the unit to be carried horizontally so that the drawing motion may be likened to drawing a pistol.  Being that many of us have practiced this motion this is kind of a logical extension of this training and muscle memory...although the placing your finger directly into the "trigger guard hole" might (should) be counter intuitive to many of us.  This clip may also be substituted for an arm band to jog with or another unit that fits into a cars cigarette lighter /accessory power unit hole and allows for it to be deployed from a car (which I CAN legally carry a pistol in according to our Castle Doctrine law..so I'll just pass on the spray and carry one of those).
 Unit carried vertically, safety door closed.

 Unit rotated horizontally "pistol grip" style, safety door open.

Unit deployed, notice how the finger groove molding falls between my fingers and causes the unit to naturally point forward. 

The unit I got did not have a piercing siren or strobe unit. This is labeled as the "stealth" unit.  Didn't think I needed it, but if I got one of these for the wife (which I will) I will want her to have those options.

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