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Friday, March 2, 2012

Some states to add veteran status to state issued ID cards..

Do you know what a DD214 is?  Its a Department of Defense form used to indicate an service members separation from Active Duty.  There are other forms used when a National Guardsman or Reservist are separated, but for the most part this is the form used by entities to verify and issue benefits to veterans.  It shows the members branch of service, dates of service, occupational specialty, medals, awards and honors, training, service in combat and other information, depending on the branch of service issuing it.

Actual DD214 found on the internet, SSN was redacted, I redacted the last name..

Some states have passed or in the process of passing laws requiring veterans identification on state issued ID cards in order for veterans to pursue benefits...whether it be some state or local aid for veterans or a discount at Home Depot.  Its not that carrying a DD214 is huge physical feat, but soldiers and other service members are told to safeguard those documents, and taking it out of your safe just to get a few bucks off some drainage pipe you buy or a meal seems like something this may easily avoid.  For other tax payer generated benefits above the state authority or expressly aimed at a certain veterans demographic (for example all OIF veterans) I would still expect the DD214 or similar proof of service to be required.

At first I didn't like the idea of this, now its growing on me....

States consider adding military service to driver's licenses

State lawmakers across the U.S. are crafting legislation that would add military service to veterans' driver's licenses so they will not have to carry official discharge papers to prove their service.
  • Maryland state Sen. Jim Mathias is sponsoring a bill that would have vets' driver's licenses include military service.
    By Patrick Semansky, AP
    Maryland state Sen. Jim Mathias is sponsoring a bill that would have vets' driver's licenses include military service.

By Patrick Semansky, AP

Maryland state Sen. Jim Mathias is sponsoring a bill that would have vets' driver's licenses include military service.

It's a shortcut that legislators say could come in handy, from securing state veterans' claims, to simply getting a military discount at a hotel or retailer.
"The time that they have invested in us is priceless, for us and for our freedom," said Maryland state Sen. Jim Mathias, who is sponsoring such a bill in the Maryland General Assembly. "And this, respectfully, is the least that we can do to say thank you."
More and more servicemembers are returning home from overseas, and they need a more efficient way to prove eligibility for benefits that doesn't involve lugging around discharge papers, according to Jerry Boden, chief of staff for the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs.
"You wouldn't have to fumble through and pull out a piece of paper," said David Mills, 41, of Salisbury, Md., a former U.S. Marine infantryman and Desert Storm veteran. "Going for a discount, or just showing that you have served in the military, it's an asset. It's like being a donor on the back of your driver's license. If it's there, it's great."
Mills said he is concerned that there are people who might create fake IDs, may add the designation and fake their military service.
William "Sarge" Garlitz, 69, commander of American Legion Post 166 in Ocean City, Md., said the measure is "past due."
"It should have been done years ago," said Garlitz, a retired Air Force master sergeant who served during the Vietnam War.
A dozen states passed laws in 2011 adding a veteran designation to driver's licenses, according to Boden: Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts,North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.
States pursuing legislation this year include Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey and South Carolina, Boden said.
It's much easier for a veteran to take advantage of the discounts or preferences offered by national chains such as The Home Depot or Jiffy Lube by simply handing over an official state ID, he said.
A more serious reason, he added, is that veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have been known to scuffle with law enforcement after they return home. If police at the scene realize they're dealing with a veteran, one who may have PTSD, it could help them better handle the situation, Boden said.

Contributing: Shane also reports for The Daily Times in Salisbury, Md.

The one thing I like about this is might keep assholes like this guy from abusing the system while thumbing their noses at the military.  Unlike most videos that I will post here, I will only link this one as this video pisses me off to no end.  Watch at your own risk and I suggest not watching anything else on his channel.  This fat tub of lard is the reason public beatings happen sometimes....  Anyway, it will, at least in a small way, make my day knowing posers, fakers and ass hats like this little pussy cannot abuse those benefits and honors reserved for our honored veterans.  Shame on the business that actually thought this guy had ever been military material...

johnnyb34434 (that his weight (344) and IQ (34) at the end there I think)...please engage and destroy with extreme prejudice if encountered...no tears shall be shed by anyone.

Like I said, its growing on me...but with a few catches if we can get something similar in Ohio..

  • The only marking on the drivers license will be a small stamp for a veteran, possibly a second for a disabled veteran.
  • The administrative costs are covered and do not extend beyond what is already done for verifying  and issuing military license plates.
  • Only full DD214's showing character of service or current military or VA ID cards are authorized source documents.
  • It is optional for the veteran to have it displayed, as is such the case with issuing military license plates.

Now that I think about it and have read some others opinion, I am not worried too much about the cost or time involved as the BMV already does this verification when they issue plates and do not keep a copy of the DD214 when they do so.  We have a program that overprints a stamp on our drivers licenses when somebody elects to be an organ donor so why would this be that much more difficult or expensive? I figure the emblem or stamp could go right next to that organ donor one on our cards in the space marked with the circle below...

I got a friend that is now working over in our state office of veterans services, maybe I can see if they have a suggestion box.

Your thoughts?


USSHelm said...

I'm just saying, but this could be a move to identify veterans in case of martial law. As the DHS has a record of viewing vets as potential domestic terrorists.

Huey said...

You know, I thought the same thing, and about giving the BMV more info to lose or let get stolen..then I thought about it, the government already knows who all the veterans are if they wanted to find us en masse. 99% of us don't just go off the grid and file tax returns and such that could be cross referenced against databases from the military...

Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts.

Huey said...

oh yeah, the DHS viewing the same people that were overseas protecting the country while they sit here, as enemies....ironic humor I guess...

Huey said...

also..please consider adding me to the list of blogs you follow, I have read a few of them and I would be honored to be on that list..

Anonymous said...

Way to ID the terrorists targets.
Let me see, how do I identify military people to kill....

Huey said...

Well with a truck with veteran plates, decals identifying myself as a GWOT veteran, wearing hats that 1/2 the time have some type of military logo on them, and a pink retired reserve ID in my wallet...well, a little stamp on my drivers license isn't any major worry to me in that regard.

Terrorist cells are not sophisticated enough to up to this point to create "hit squads" based upon a specific category of person..so far. There are literally millions of persons that qualify for the title "veteran". Unless you place yourself in their midst overseas as an obvious target (think Nick Berg traveling through Iraq on his own openly as an American) you are far more likely as a citizen (not in uniform) to be a target because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. More than likely it will be in a crowd with many other folks, big targets, big coverage.

Maybe if you were some high profile veteran maybe, just maybe you might be targeted purely based on that...but for the average Joe, especially those veterans who did 4 years and then got out honorably the risk is very close to 0% of this happening....

I am actually more afraid of my own government labeling me a threat or target based upon this (as the DHS apparently has already provided profiling info on...plus being a gun advocate...yeah...hi fellas) than I am a foreign terrorist organization.

USSHelm said...

Huey, I wanted to say that I have begun following your blog about a week ago.