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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let's here it for the Docs!!!

Army Combat Medic Badge

A friend who was a medic in Iraq on FaceBook named Timothy posted this tonight...

This afternoon, I experienced something remarkable ... in December, 2005, I was at my Aid Station in Al Rustamiyah, Iraq. There was an IED nearby that resulted in numerous casualties. My patient had a terrible head wound and was completely unresponsive. We kept him alive and evacuated him, but the doc I was working with thought he was brain dead and would not live long ... flash forward to this afternoon; I'm watching TV and a commercial for Wounded Warrior Project ... and there he is! The soldier I thought was dead all these years! I'm in a state of profound joy and utter amazement! Praise be to God !!

Well, that is all types of awesomeness right there!

Medics, corpsman or whatever their "official" titles everyone should thank the "Docs" out there for the jobs they do on the battlefronts of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Its got to take someone special to be able to deal with the situations many of them find themselves in.  Especially in these recent conflicts where IED's have literally shredded bodies to pieces and to ask these men and women to fight an uphill battle to keep them alive is an incredibly daunting request. Still "Doc" does it...imagine having people who you have lived, slept, ate and spent pretty much every hour of every day for months among and have grown closer to than members of your own family suddenly relying on your skill for life or death at a moments notice.  And in those time where skill and training are far less than is what is required its often the docs that are the last human touch or voice our service members receive before passing on.  A job like that cannot be easy on the soul.  I am glad in this case that Timothy got a bit of peace from finding that one he thought was lost not only survived, but is helping to better the plight of other wounded warriors.

Thanks Doc!....now pass me some damn motrin!!

Steve is not ashamed to proclaim his medical pedigree obviously...

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